Oct 5, 2009

Your Favorite Vampire(s) - Halloween Contest at PVN

 [This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated!]

To celebrate the month of Halloween I would like you to tell me who is your favorite vampire character (book, TV or film), or your favorite vampire story or movie or TV series, or favorite author of vampire fiction.

Often it's hard to pick just one so go ahead and name more (but please explain your selections).

There will be 5 winners

1st place - The Strain: Book One of The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

2nd place - Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange

3rd place - The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows, Book 6) by Kim Harrison

4th place - Personal Demon (Women of the Otherworld, Book 8) by Kelley Armstrong

5th place - Winter Duty: A Novel of the Vampire Earth
 by E. E. Knight

[Some accommodation can be made if you win a title you don't want]

Each choice (in the comments area) equals one entry.

Link to this post on your own site or any social network. Each link equals one entry.

This contest will run until 11:59 pm on Oct 31 - Halloween Night.
Winners will be announced Nov 2.

 [This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated!]


Taliesin_ttlg said...

My favourite vampire movie is Isle of the Dead, 1945, directed by Mark Robson. Unusual as, in the end, there is no vampire but also because the mythology is based around the vorvoloka – a kind of vampire/werewolf hybrid that hunts (according to the root myths) for blood but also astrally for vitality. But it is not my favourite because of the unusual mythology.

The film stars Boris Karloff, in a fantastic role as General Nikolas Pherides. He goes from stern war house to increasingly desperate man as he succumbs to septicemic plague. His delirium allows the shrewish Madame Kyra (Helen Thimig) to convince him that science and medicine are not the answer for the deaths on the island are caused by a vorvolaka – whom she names as the maid Mary (Katherine Emery). In one haunting scene Mary paces the room of her mistress, succumbed, it seems, to her frailties and died. As she paces, not knowing what to do, beyond the door Kyra mercilessly hounds her. But it isn’t my favourite due to the excellent performances.

It is my favourite because I saw this as a child. Back then I didn’t even know that it used vampire mythology but the film stayed with me, a scene where Pherides gives up on science and started burning offerings to the old Gods is a scene burnt into my psyche.

Dirgesinger said...

My favourite character in book is Count Strahd in P.N. Elrod's book "I, Strahd". Not because of the whole book but because of the last 10 or so pages... there Strahd writes what it means to be a vampire, what it means to be alone, alone forever while the world moves along...It is fantastic.
I have not seen TV series, but in films, I have some favourites! First of all, THE COUNT - Bela Lugosi. Okay, I am a Hungarian so i am really proud of him too - but along with that, I think that with his accent, with his face, the whole man, he was perfect for the count. And I am so sorry how he died - each year, on 16th of August, I am watching his 1931 Dracula film as a tribute.

The other is Max Screck/orlock as portrayed in "The shadow of the vampire". He is CREEPY! And I was definitely moved by his monologue talking to the actors what it means to a vampire to meet humans after hundreds of years of solitude.

The third pick is of course Leslie Nielsen in "Dracula dead and loving it". I can't stop laughing at that film! The count is absolutely great in it. Haha!

Favourite vampire story? Definitely Dracula by Stoker. It can't be overdone (at least in my eyes). It was the 'first' in its kind and a true masterpiece. i have written my thesis piece at university about vampirism and Dracula was the centre of the thesis. But I very like old Mesopotamian vampire stories too - they are creepy as hell.

With this I have answered who is my favourite author - Bram Stoker. I love Lovecraft's The shunned house also, but Stoker is still my favourite.

Also, link goes to my blog:)

Virginia C said...

My favorite vampire is Barnabas Collins, played by the one and only Jonathan Frid. Dark Shadows is a family favorite! I also love Angel played by the mighty fine David Boreanaz. Bram Stoker's DRACULA is the ultimate Vampire read! gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Brooke Reviews said...

I love Kim Harrison's vampires. Ivy and Kisten are my favorites. It helps that I love the way they are "designed" dead/undead you know? :)
Plus Ivy is so vulnerable, yet so tough. Kisten just kicked ass, and was hot.

Anonymous said...

My favorite vamp series is Kindred the Embraced. I really thought they did a good job modernizing vampires and I liked the unique mafia type spin on things. Plus there was Julian need I say more on that lol?

Anonymous said...

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Pam S

tetewa said...

My favorite vampire movie is The Queen of the Damned, loved Stuart Townsend in this one!

Unknown said...

Hi :)
My favorite vampire is Henry Fitzroy from Tanya Huff's Blood books. He's a romance writer and vampire and he is full of awesome.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

My favorite vampire, well, if you'd asked me when I was 15, I would have said David from the Lost Boys, with his platinum hair, blue eyes, sexy voice and that motorcycle -- I would have hopped on behind him in a heartbeat!

Now that I'm a bit more mature, I'd have to go with Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night. He's smooth, suave, impeccably dressed, has a sense of humor, knows how to treat a lady (remember when he kissed Amy's hand when he met her?) and he could take care of himself (and his date) in a nightclub fight. Yep, if he moved in next door to me, I wouldn't be complaining at all!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Oh could you ask a harder question? So many vampires...I love LKH's men, so sexy, Kim Harrison's characters are so alive and complex but I think my favorite book vampires would have to be Cat and Bones from Jenaiene Frost's series.

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Let's see I loved Spike from Buffy, he had an attitude and sarcasm that was very enjoyable in his personality that Angel kinda lacked. Angel was the good guy, so he was still likable.

I loved Mick St. John from Moonlight--a wonderful show that was canceled! He was normal, regular guy who still tried to be human, he was very humane for a vampire.

Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series is lovable for he's got that ruddy good accent! He's described in my head to be very gorgeous. He's loyal to Cat as well which is a good quality in a person, vampire, man, whatever! ;)

Jaye Wells Sabina Kane was a cool new vampire as well. She was a fresh character that I immediately warmed up to. She's likable and has kick a** attitude!

Selene aka Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies. (Rumored a 4th one is in the making!!) She's another kick a** female vamp with attitude. She isn't a delicate flower whatsoever and she was just plain awesome in those movies!!

Jeanne Stein's Anna Strong, another female vampire. She's a good girl too. Heroine. Very strong and heroic. She too is trying to hang onto her humanity, which might be her downfall eventually, but I hope she will eventually tell her family the truth about her, so she can truly enjoy her last years with them before she must leave them.

There are probably more vampires too, I just can't bring them to surface right now.

Ooh one more Cassandra from Kelley Armstrong's the Otherworld series. Sadly she hasn't narrated her own tale yet, but she's been a secondary character and I find her to be very interesting. She's intriguing and I am dying to know her story. What happened to her life and what will happen.

Van Pham said...

My favorite author of vampire diction is Jeaniene frost, i love the story of Cat and Bones.

My favorite vampire movie would have to be all the UNDERWORLD movies and Queen of the Dammed.

kassilei said...

I hate to be repetitive but I have to say...Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was pretty full of awesome. Although, Angel made my sweet 17 year old heart go pitter patter while on Buffy...as I got older the broody bit went a bit to the wayside.

I love Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita series and Jean Claude. Totally hot. There are so many great vampire series out right now, I don't know that I could pick just one. All of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters are pretty spiffy too.

throuthehaze said...

My favorite author of vampire fiction is none other than Anne Rice. Her books are so lush and vivid with detail. I enjoy many of the newer authors of vampire novels but when I think of vampires I imagine them just as Anne Rice has written them.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Dirgesinger said...

Wooo I have forgotten somebody! Rudolf Martin from "Dark Prince - the true story of Vlad Dracul".
Strictly speaking of course, its not a vampire film, but Vlad is my number one hero and Martin captures him so vividly as the impaler, then at the beginning and end of the film there are hints of Vlad being a vampire.

Dot S.(ladeetdareads.wordpress.com) said...

I love Mick St. John from the show Moonlight. He so wants to be more human than he is.

Eric Northman from Trublood. So dangerous with a sense of humor. How can you not love the way he baits Bill.(he's also scrumptious in the books too!)

I love everyone of the Argeneau vamps in Lynsay Sands' series. I'm just a sucker for the humor and the hotness.

Lori L. Clark Art said...

I will always have a soft spot for Barnabas Collins and Dark Shadows. I remember how angry I got as a little girl when the show was preempted by Martin Luther King Jr's funeral. :( It was a must not miss - ever. Jonathan Frid. I would love to find old re-runs and watch them all. :)

Sara said...

My favorite Vampire is Lestat, of the book "Interview with the vampire", or "queen of the damned", between other books of Anne Rice.

Sewicked said...

I think my favorite vampire is Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer & the Angel TV series. He's a bad boy, I mean evil, but at heart, he just wants to be in love. And he will do anything, and I do mean anything, even get a soul, for the woman that he loves.

Then there's Nicholas Knight from Nick at Night, a vampire turned cop.

For movies, you'll laugh, but I've always loved Love at First Bite, starring George Hamilton as Dracula himself. "Children of the night..Shut up!"

J.A. Saare / Aline Hunter said...

Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige in the 80's horror classic, Fright Night. Why? Well, aside from the fact that he claimed my "vampire cherry" if you will, he introduced me to the "hot" vampire. Sure he was a bad guy, but that's what made him so irresistible.

Does anyone but me remember that sexy dance scene in the club?

Truth be told, I would have been tickled silly if Jerry had drained Charlie dry, took Amy, and walked into a thick fog.

Oh so wrong, yet somehow, so right.


Unknown said...

Hi Patricia!

All favorite vampire is Kisten from Kim Harrison's The Hollows Series, too sweet!!

I also enjoy LKH's Jean Claude, he's sexy and master of the city.

Louie from Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, because he tortures himself supremely.

Jasper from Twilight because damn, he's sparkly and pretty, and not always vegetarian.

Mira from Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days Series, she kicks a$$ and takes names.

There are about a million more, lol, I love all these vamp, the good and the bad.

Probably Kim Harrison's series in one of my top favorites because the vamps are good, bad, and somewhere in between.

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

I posted your contest on my sidebar at http://myblog2point0.blogspot.com/

Dottie :)

Unknown said...

RT @ http://twitter.com/gymmom_027

Dottie :)

Froggy said...

I love Bones from Jeaniene Frosts Cat and Bones series.

I linked the contest on my sidebar

A Blog with Bite!

Reading said...

My fav vampire is Eric from the Southern Vampire series.
Please enter me.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I've gotta go with Bill on the HBO show True Blood. I amean if Anna Paquin thinks he's sexy then who am I to are but I also like Sam is Shapeshifters ever get full equality to Vamps.

Kathleen's Book Reviews said...

This is such a great question.... so many to choose from! I'm torn between Louis and Lestat from Laurell K Hamilton's world. There's just something about them. I love that Lestat is so true to himself and full of life, while Louis is so tortured yet so full of love. Amazing characters.

I also admit to loving Eric from Charlaine Harris' books. I loved him even before "True Blood." I guess it's just the way Harris writes him, but he's such a strong character!

FatalisFortuna said...

My favorite vampire has got to be Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the series, because he was the first vampire I fell in love with and, while not singlehandedly responsible for my love of the genre, he was certainly a major influence! Sexy, brooding, wavering between good and evil... It's all there.

Ellz said...


Ellz said...

My favorite vampire movie is the Lost Boys. This was the movie that originally got me interested in our fangy friends.


Tara SG said...

My favorite vampire is currently Bones from the Night Huntress Series because he can be sweet and bad boy :)

But I also really love Eric from the Southern Vampire series probably for similar reasons.

My favorite vampire book series is the Southern Vampire series. I love the mix of paranormal, mystery and romance.

Posted at on my blog: www.25HourBooks.com

And twitter: TimeVamp

Danielle said...

My favorite book vampire is Stefan from Patricia Briggs' 'Mercedes Thompson' series. He's my favorite-fanged-fellow simply because of his obsession with all things 'Scooby Doo'. Stefan's dedication to his favorite fandom has him going so far as to paint his van in the same design as the Mystery Machine.
I love a vamp with a sense of humor and a soft spot for the Scoobies.
Stefan rules!

Anonymous said...


I came across you via Tara at 25 Hour Books.

My favourite Vampire novel is Glittering Savages by Mark Burnell. Having read his Stephanie Patrick series I was looking him up online to see if he was going to do a fifth book in the series. It was then that I discovered that he had written two previous novels that are out of print. It took me nearly a year to get hold of a copy of Glittering Savages. A first edition hardback, not that that is anything to be amazed by as far as I can tell it only had one print run so all hardback copies are first editions! The book is about a female vampire looking for a companion. It explores the themes of loneliness for immortals much like the movie The Hunger. The characters are well thought-out and vividly portrayed. It also offers an interesting spin on how a vampire can be harmed resulting in a brilliant and devastating conclusion.

Llehn said...

Spike form Buffy!!


Cristina Alves said...

Hi ! My favourite is I am Legend from Matheson's book (not the movie, please!)

Asylumgirl said...

Dracula as portrayed by Gary Oldman has always been a favorite.

Brad Pitt as Louis in Interview with a Vampire.

Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series. -Shane

I loved Dark Shadows, both the original and the remake.

deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

lalalalalalala said...

My favorite is Mick St.John in the TV series Moonlight

kimi kaio @ yahoo.com (no spaces)

Bridget said...

My favorites are Lestat from the Anne Rice series and Bill from True Blood on HBO.

Just blogged about your contest on Win A Book. No need to enter me, though.

Wendy said...

So hard to choose! But I love Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse series and Stefan from Mercy Thompson's series. Of course, Bones from Jeaniene Frost's books is pretty awesome!

Unknown said...

Buffy's Angel has always been my favorite, but recently I've been drawn more and more to True Blood's Eric. Eric seems like a mix of both Angel and early Spike, each coming out at different times.

jennsicurella at verizon dot net

Misty said...

My favorite movie is Interview with a Vampire Brad Pitt and Tom Cruize make awesome Vamps and Underworld was great to, I also love the True Blood series.
Fav books I just got into the Vampire craze because of the Twilight Saga so I'd have to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga and of course Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series.

Miss Haley said...

my favorite vampire is.... (guess.) Edward. seriously. acutally it's really hard to pick between the Cullens. i just love the Cullens.

haha i hope i win second place ;)

haleymathiot at yahoo dot com

LibraryGirl said...

I think my favorite vampire these days is Ivy from Kim Harrison's books. Ivy is a complex character because she fights her nature and has to really work to find a balance with Rachel.

There are so many great vampire characters lately that it is so hard to choose just one!

Alessandra said...

Is this contest international? If so, please enter me. If not... too bad.

My favourite vampire character is Alice Cullen from the Twilight series, because she's very cool and kicks ass. Plus, she can see the future, which can be pretty useful.

My favourite vampire book series is Evernight by Claudia Gray, because I love the romance between Bianca and Lucas. And here, at least, vampires do NOT sparkle.

My favourite vampire author... I'll go with the classics and say Bram Stoker.


Marie said...

One of my favorite vampires has always been Angel -- just because he was so conflicted with that whole soul issue going on.

Another of my favorite vampires was Daedalus from the tv show Kindred the Embraced -- again, conflicted. I seem to be drawn to that I must say.

And, finally, my other favorite vampire was Spike -- he's probably my all time favorite just because he was a "bad-boy" and so much fun to watch!


Anonymous said...

My favorite vampire movie is Underworld. I am love how the story was weave together. The plot twists and how the past connects with the present. I was definitely entertain.

My favorite vampire TV show would be Blood Ties. Although the series ended prematurely, it was good while it lasted. Having the son of Henry VIII as the leading vampire was a new twist to the genre.

My favorite vampire (book) character is Thomas Raith in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. Although he is not the main character, Thomas provides an interesting role in the series. I am excited for the next book to come out so I can find out how is after the incident with the Skinwalker.

My favorite TV vampire character would be Spike from Buffy/Angel. Spike is at first is your typical bad guy. But he was fascinating in his undying love for Dru. How he made decision to benefit her.


Anonymous said...

I also blogged about this contest in my LJ:


Derek Tatum said...

My favorite underrated vampire is Les Daniels' Don Sebastian.

Rosemary Laurey said...

Yarbro's Count St Germain. as for the favourite book it's a toss up between Blood GAmes and Darker Jewels

Daelith said...

My favorite book vampire is Jack McShane from the Savannah vampire series by Raven Hart. He is always stumbling into trouble.

Fav TV vampire is Mick St. John. I miss him so.

No need to enter me in this drawing.

Unknown said...

Although I love many series and vampires the one whom took me by surprise and always stays in my mind with me is .. Roman Draganesti from How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire from Kerrelyn Sparks. I think part of it is the comedy behind Roman losing one of his fangs and is in search of a dentist who can fix it or because the whole story was just great. Happy Halloween,
Stephmartin71 (at) yahoo com

writtenwyrdd said...

I confess to having several favorite vampires.

Jean Claude in the Anita Blake series by Laurel K. Hamilton is my favorite.

Lestat, Anne Rice's bad boy, is my second favorite, and is only edged out by Jean Claude because Jean Claude has a clothes fetish, lol. And my favorite version of him in in the movie, "Queen of the Damned," which is my favorite vampire movie of all time.

And my third favorite vampire is Mercea, from the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance.

All sexy bad boys who bring a taste of danger, a lot of bohunk and a lot of sexy to the mix. What gal doesn't have a soft spot (at least in her imagination) for a guy like that?

Unknown said...

Hi Patricia!

Thought of another vampire series that I love, Mario Acevedo's Felix Gomez series, in this series there's zombies, aliens, supernaturals of all sort as well as a vampiric organization like a Vampire Council that enforces vampire rule and law.

Dottie :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite vampire is Sookie's Bill. He just seems so normal. When I read Harris's book, the idea of a vampire named Bill instead of the more royal sounding names that most vamps have totally caught my fancy. He could be anyone that you pass on the street, your next door neighbor, heck even a relative.


Patricia Altner said...


Thanks for mentioning Les Daniels' Don Sebastian. Not sure if his books are still in print, but they are certainly worth tracking down.

Patricia Altner said...


For what it's worth I would choose Yarbro's Blood Games.

Dena said...

My favorite Vampire movie is Bram Stoker's Dracula. I loved Keanu and Gary in this movie.
My favorite TV Vampire was Nick St. John.
My favorite Vampire in a book are many; Eric from Sookie series, All the Carpathians in Christine Feehan's series, and I really love Daphne Urban from the Darkwing Chronicles series by Savannah Russe. denwal1@aol.com

Josef13 said...

I have to PICK a favorite vampire? Jeez ask a difficult question will ya? ;)

I suppose my absolute favorite is Stefan from Patricia Briggs book series, just because he is so much fun. I mean come'on who wouldn't love a tortured Scooby-Doo mystery machine driving vamp that looks out for your best interest? ^.~

But if you want I could go on and on about all my favorite vamps in literature, television and movies. :)

Just to name a few... Josef Kostan from the show Moonlight would be right up there; who doesn't LOVE a 400-year old wisecracking vamp who acts like your finicky friend over to watch football? (start at '0.15' of clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-i_YW0IT0o&feature=related )

And... Henry Fitzroy from the show Blood Ties (another older vampire to love ^_~), Eric Northman from the Charlaine Harris books series (a really, really old vamp), Bones from Jeaniene Frost's 'Night Huntress' book series (He's badass and in love, and wears it well!), Carlisle Cullen from the Twilight series (absolutely awesome character, very tortured ;) ), and Spike from Buffy (BLOODY AWESOME he is, and a fairly young vampire, all things considered).

OoO! And a vampire I just started to read about that I love is Simon from Cassandra Clare's 'Mortal Instruments' book series. I love his dry-wit humor~!

As you can see I could just keep going 'blah, blah, blah' about favorite vampire characters. So I'll stop now, and let you be. ;)

Thanks for running such a great contest!

BreiaB said...

Favorite Vamp from book- Queen Betsy
Favorite Vamp show- Forever Knight
Favorite Vamp movie- The Lost Boys

Cherry said...

My first two favoritest vampires are Zhadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward and Zarik from the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. What can I way? I'm a sucker for tortured, angsty heroes. I also like Stefan from the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs now that he is a tortured soul as well. I am hoping that Patricia Briggs would write his story. *fingers crossed*

I reposted your contest at http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2009/10/your-favorite-vampires-halloween.html


Martha Eskuchen said...

My favorite vampire series is the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. I like Bill and Eric but mostly I love the stories about Sookie most of which I have listened to on Audible. I wasn't crazy about the first True Blood episode so I will stick to the books!

I also liked Kisten from the Rachel Morgan (The Hallows) series by Kim Harrison - another series I have listened to on Audible.

Finally I like Mircea from the Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chane - also listened to on Audible!

Actually - those are the only vampires I know besides the old movie favs!!

Thanks for the chance to win. mesreadsATgmailDOTcom

jellybelly82158 said...

1. Ivy in Kim Harrison's the Hallows books
2 Angel TV series
3. Bones in Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series
I love almost all the vampire books

Andrea I said...

My favorite is Dante from Adrian Phoenix's books.

I don't think I have found a vampire I didn't like in books.

Anonymous said...

Last season there was a vampire character on a regular television station. Of course I can't remember his name. I enjoyed his character and was disappointed that the show was cancelled. walkerd@primus.ca

Kate said...

My favorite vampires:

Frank Langella as Dracula.

Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Mick St. John in Moonlight.

Mitchell in Being Human.

Carla Ribeiro said...

It's a hard choice picking up only one vampire, so I'll name a few. I love Lestat: he's dark, he's mysterious and the duplicity of his feelings reminds us he's not human anymore. Then there's Dracula. He's the most famous vampire, he is dark and his malevolent nature it's strangely charming. And, in the world of modern vampires, there's Eric Northman (that disturbing, mysterious attitude) and Edward Cullen (so kind and dramatic for a vampire). Oh, well. I can't help it... I guess I just love all kinds of vampires.

Cherie J said...

I would have to pick Spike from the Buffy series. He was such a bad boy and I have a weakness for bad boys. All that attitude and toughness combined with good looks is so attractive.


Jeanette Huston (chewysmum79@yahoo.com) said...

I like Edward on Twilight! He is a good guy that was turned into a vampire but still managed to keep his humanity! That is why I like him. Also I think he is sexy;-)

Jeanette Huston

jellybelly82158 said...

My favorite vampire movie has to be Angel. but my favorite vampire in a book is Ivy in Kim Harrison's the Hollow books because she tries so hard to be good and keep her soul

Jeanette Huston (chewysmum79@yahoo.com) said...

I tweeted you!


Jeanette Huston

Jeanette Huston (chewysmum79@yahoo.com) said...

I put you on my blog


Jeanette Huston

Jeanette Huston (chewysmum79@yahoo.com) said...

I added you to my blog roll!


Jeanette Huston

Howell-Martin's Blog said...

My favorite vampire has to be Acheron from the Dark Hunter series.

Kimberly B. said...

My favorite vampire is the Count St. Germain, in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's series. The reason I like him so much is that he is intelligent, humane, and brings pleasure to his victims, never taking more from them than they can afford to lose. He appears to women in their dreams and thinks only of their pleasure, usually choosing women who are smart, independent, and attractive over those who are merely beautiful. Plus the series follows him all over the world and throughout different time periods, so there's something for every taste, historically speaking.

dor said...

Oh I pick yummy Brad Pitt in Interview with a vampire. I just now finished watching it again.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

dor said...

Second choice is Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire. Why, yes, yummy too but sexy in a very mean way.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

dor said...

I liked Angel, he played with Buffy and boy was he sexy.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

dor said...

Another is that sexy young Twilight vamp.They're geeting married in real life. I still have not seen the second movie.

dorcontest at gmail dot com

dor said...

I like Stefan is The Vampire Diaries. It is such a deep love story from long ago trying to be recaptured. She just finds out he is a vampire wants nothing to do with him but you can see they love eachother. I missed this week's show...have to catch up.

dorcontest at gmail dot com