Jan 25, 2007

Librarians Who Love Horror Fiction

I found this in the newsletter put out by Librarians' Internet Index.

Monster Librarian

"Collection of horror fiction reading lists for adults and teens. Topics include vampires werewolves, zombies, horror-themed romance, and more. Also includes suggestions for scary books for children, and reviews of horror podcasts"
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From the Monster Librarian Website. "The Monster Librarian welcomes you! This site is dedicated to all the books that are creepy, scary, and give us the willies. It is meant to be a resource for readers and librarians. For readers of horror, this is designed to be a site where you can find other books that fall into the horror category that you might be interested in reading. For librarians, this site provides tools to help in collection development, readers advisory, and program planning. While the site will have information on current mainstream horror it will also include in the various lists older books that may be of interest."
This looks to be a fairly new site but has a very enthusiastic staff. There is also a Monster Librarian blog that seems promising.

Jan 24, 2007

Tanya Huff's Vicki Nelson - TV series

"November 20, 2006 - Fireworks International announced today that it has acquired the international rights to brand new 22 x 1 hour drama series Blood Ties. Produced by Toronto's Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc. and Vancouver's Insight Film Studios in association with CHUM Television, Blood Ties is scheduled to be broadcast on CHUM Television in Canada and Lifetime Television in the U.S. in 2007."

There will also be another series entitled Young Dracula which is a billed as a gothic comedy for kids.

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Jan 23, 2007

Interview with Deborah Wilson Overstreet

On Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog CYNSATIONS is an interview with Deborah Wilson Overstreet author of Not Your Mother's Vampire: Vampires in Young Adult Fiction.

Description from publisher's website (Scarecrow Press): "Examining young adult vampire fiction and how it fits in both the contemporary and classic vampire canon, the book's analysis begins with a primer on vampire scholarship, including a brief deconstruction of ten seminal vampire representations-five literary, five cinematic-and their impact on young adult vampire novels; the evolution of vampires from scary Gothic enemies into postmodern sexualized heroes is traced throughout the book; and the influence of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

Subsequent chapters examine current young adult vampires novels from such popular horror authors as Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Christopher Pike, R. L. Stine, Darren Shan, and L. J. Smith, and are divided into three categories based on narrative structure: the process of turning into a vampire, humans and vampires trying to find their way in life, and romantic relationships with a vampire partner. Analysis also addresses vampire conventions (the traditions that exist in each vampire universe), vampires and sexuality, and good and reluctant vampires. The human characters who coexist with vampires in these novels receive the same treatment. Additionally, issues of gender, age, and affectional orientation of human and vampire characters are discussed, as are postmodern constructions of good and evil.

Not Your Mother's Vampire contains an exploration of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a television phenomenon, which has sparked an entirely new academic field: Buffy Studies. The vampire characters on Buffy and parallel series, Angel, are explored as are a few main humans (slayers and witches alike). The final chapter of the book is an annotated bibliography of seminal vampire scholarship. As the only in-depth examination of young adult vampire novels in existence, this book is essential for students and scholars of the literature."

See the interview here

Jan 18, 2007

Bram Stoker Creates Dracula