May 30, 2009

A Bloody Good Cruise - Vampire Novel Review

A Bloody Good Cruise
by Diana Rubino
Eternal Press, March 2009

[Reviewed by Patricia]

Mona Rossi is a romance writer whose recent books haven't been selling like they used to. What to do? Perhaps a luxury cruise for romance writers. Mona knows she can easily put something like this together, and she does.

Being with so many talented writers is certain to give her ideas for a new dynamite series. Also a cruise will be a way to have some fun time with Fausto, the special, gorgeous vampire guy in her life. It just so happens Fausto works as a ship's doctor for the cruise line. With this perfect setup what could go wrong? Plenty of course.

A band of vampire hunters have Fausto on their radar. This particularly nasty group, referred to by the vamps as Vampire Ball Busters, believe all such beings are the essence of evil and should be eradicated. To further complicate matters Fausto's former wife, the infamous Lucrezia Borgia, is onboard. She insists that their divorce was never legal therefore he should leave that human, Mona, and return to Italy to live with her, Lucrezia.

Many more complications arise in this lively, comic adventure cum romance. A fun treat for a lazy afternoon.

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest 5-30-09

Watch a video interview with Jaye Wells author of Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane) at Bitten By Books

"Vampire Diaries Online is a fan site for the upcoming CW TV series, The Vampire Diaries, based on the book series by L.J. Smith. We are in no way affiliated with the TV show just fans dedicated to bringing you all the latest spoilers and scoop. We will be expanding our site soon to include more features for fans so please bookmark us and check back soon!"

Here's a video clip about the upcoming TV series.

The May 25 issue of Publishers Weekly has an article entitled When Love Is Strange: Romance Continues Its Affair with the Supernatural. Many current paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors are metioned, but the article begins by featuring Sherrilyn Kenyon and her works.

Congratulations to Charlaine Harris! Read the following from the New York Times

Vampire-Loving Barmaid Hits Jackpot for Charlaine Harris.
New york times article - "had just heard that the latest book in the series, “Dead and Gone,” would make its debut on the New York Times hardcover fiction best-seller list this Sunday in the No. 1 spot. It was a first for Ms. Harris, who has published 26 novels in nearly three decades and sold the original book in the Sookie series, “Dead Until Dark,” for just $5,000 nine years ago..."

Remember season 2 of HBO's True Blood (based on the Sookie books) begins June 14.

HorrorBlips presents the Best Blood Suckers

"Our fascination with blood drinkers started long before Robert Pattinson joined the fray. And while Stephenie Meyers’ “Twilight” novels turned big-screen blockbusters has brought a new wave of attention to these night dwellers, there have been some memorial portrayals of the monsters throughout movie history.


Vampires on the big screen tend to have three distinct personalities: Scary, Sexy, or Funny. We asked several horror bloggers who specialize in vampires to call out their favorite characters, actors and fims in each category. See if you agree. If not, add your own selections and keep the immortals memories alive."

[I'm one of the lucky bloggers that got to express an opinion.]

From Vampires, werewolves, ghosts:
Being Human debuts on BBC America

"Being Human
—about the secret lives of three twenty-somethings as a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost—debuts on BBC America on July 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.... Read more

Here's something a bit different Vampires of Potts Point. Blogger Stephen Blackwell calls it "a vampire fiction blog containing gradually interweaving storylines - a kind of fiction experiment - but also consisting of easily read posts for instant gratification (at least that is the plan)." It's certainly worth time to take a look.

May 26, 2009

Interview - Rosemary Laurey

"Best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey (AKA Georgia Evans)is an expatriate Brit, retired special ed teacher and grandmother, who now lives in Ohio and has a wonderful time writing stories of vampires and shapeshifting pumas."

Many readers will be familiar with Rosemary's vampire romances. The most recent being Midnight Lover (The Vampire Series, Book 5).

She is still writing about vampires but this time the setting is England during the Second World War, and the undead are helping the Nazi's prepare for a German invasion. The title of her new book is Bloody Good and she uses the pseudonym Georgia Evans.

She recently took time to answer questions about this book and about herself.

Thanks so much Rosemary!

PVN: Why the use of a pseudonym?
Rosemary: It was a marketing decision by my publisher since these books are Fantasy instead of Romance.

PVN: Why the setting of WW II England?
Rosemary: My editor asked for a WW2 book. Surrey seemed the obvious setting to me- I grew up in the Mole Valley and that area was significant in the German invasion plans.

PVN: What was it like doing research for this book?
Rosemary: Wonderful! And yes, I made two trips back to Surrey to refresh my memory as to the topography and several locations. Brytewood is imaginary but based on reality. Also made a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London, did a lot of reading from contemporary diaries as well as fiction and nonfiction (there's a bibliography on the Brytewood web site) and the BBC WW2 web site., picked a lot of brains of relatives and friends for memories and details and had masses of detailed help from the Museum in Leatherhead.

PVN: Describe your vampires in this new series? I have the sense that not all are evil.
Rosemary: Well, from the point of view of the Brits they are- they are the enemy but from their point of view they are patriotic Germans doing their bit for victory. They are in fact tools of the German High Command.

PVN: What attracts you to the paranormal?
Rosemary: I'm going to be a bit vague here. I write the stories that pop into my brain and where they come from, who knows?

PVN:What are some of the Other paranormal characters that you have in your universe?
Rosemary: two Devon Pixies (one full blooded one half human)
Two welsh Dragons
A witch
An elf
A shape shifting fox ( a wolf would have been noticed in Surrey!)
A water sprite

Not all appear in the first book, some join the action as it progresses.

PVN: What is the difference (if any) between the vampires in the Rosemary Laurey romances and the vampires in this new series?
Rosemary: Vamps in the 'Forever' books are Romantic heroes (apart from the two villains that is) The Brytewood vamps are driven and mission focussed spies. No romance for them.

PVN: Describe your writing environment?
Rosemary: I have a small but light upstairs room with three long windows and masses of natural light. (There's a photo on my Rosemary Laurey web site)

PVN: Do you write full time?
Rosemary: Pretty much- promo takes a fair bit of time too but writing is my full time employment these days.

PVN: What writers inspire you?
Rosemary: This could be an endless list ☺

I love Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. Enjoy Saki's twisted short stories, and adore Anita Burgh's Contemporaries (particulary Clare's War) which is fantastic IMO. Kim Harrison's Hollows books. Have just started re reading Dickens and Thomas Hardy. Am finishing Particia Brigg's Iron Kissed and am about to reread MM Kay's Far Pavillions. A really mixed bag!

PVN: What do you do to relax?
Rosemary: Reading, sewing knitting, gardening and cooking - also enjoy visiting my sons and grandchildren who are scattered across the US. And of course I love going back to the UK whenever I can.

PVN: How do readers find you on the internet?

Rosemary: via my web sites

Read a PVN review

Now for the contest.

Two lucky commenters will each win a signed copy of Bloody Good

To be eligible do one or more of the following:
* Leave a comment on any topic in the interview
* Ask Rosemary a question
* Link to this interview to your own site or a social network site, and be sure to let me know the URL

Contest ends May 28 at 11:59 PM PT

May 22, 2009

Upcoming Event -Rosemary Laurey - Interview & Contest

On Tuesday May 26, PVN will host an interview with Rosemary Laurey. There will also be a contest. Stop by for details.

Rosemary has written a series of popular vampire romances. She's still writing about vampires but this time under the pseudonym Georgia Evans, and in a setting of recent history - England during World War II. It seems that the undead are helping the Nazis with their plan to invade Britain. Bloody Good (Kensington, June 2, 2009) is the first book in a trilogy.

About the book:

Brytewood, England September 1940

In the first of a trilogy of the supernatural battle for WWII, Dr. Alice Doyle finds the power to fight evil comes from places she'd never believe...

At the height of the Battle of Britain, a lady doctor has more than enough trouble to keep her busy even in a sleepy hamlet outside London. But the threat is nearer home than Alice knows. German agents have infiltrated her beloved countryside— Nazis who can fly, read minds, and live forever. They're not just fascists. They're vampires.

Alice has no time for fantasy, but when the corpses start appearing sucked dry, she'll have to accept help from a lowly Conscientious Objector, an able-bodied young man who says he's no coward though he refuses to fight. And, of course, from her grandmother, a sane, sensible woman who insists that she's a Devonshire Pixie. Indeed, whatever it takes to defend home and country from an evil both ancient and terrifyingly modern...

Read a review here

The Trouble with Demons - Review

The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares, Book 3)
By Lisa Shearin
Ace, April 28, 2009

[Reviewed by Melissa A. Palmer]

Unbeknownst to me, The Trouble with Demons is the third book in a series that I have never read. However, that did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. The author gives enough background so this book stands well on its own.

Raine is an elf and is the keeper of this magic stone, called the Saghred. The Saghred has given Raine magical powers and sort of uses her to be an outlet for its power. This stone is something that a lot of supernatural powerhouses want—both good and bad magical beings are after it and the key to open it.

Early on in the book, a Hellgate opens and demons come swarming through, leaving carnage everywhere. Raine has to figure out how to close the Hellgate. Helping her is Tam, a dark mage, and Michael, a white knight. The three of them form a preternatural bond that is very strong and very illegal, combining dark and light magic in a way that has never been done before. Of course, Raine also has romantic feelings for Tam and Michael so they are a triangle in many ways.

This book had good action in it. There were multiple battles between good and evil forces. There is the romantic element to the book as well—nothing over the top but it adds a layer to make this not just an action book. The author has created good, strong characters—Raine has a temper but a good heart; Michael is good and strong and does the right thing; Tam has a touch of the dark side but Raine is his weak spot and that keeps him from being totally bad. There are also excellent supporting characters in this book, especially Raine’s father, cousin and uncle.

I enjoyed this book and would continue to read more (since the ending seems to be heading into the next book) and would even go back and read the first two in the series to fill in the gaps. I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal literature.

This review was written for Patricia's Vampire Notes
by Melissa A. Palmer

Magic Lost, Trouble Found (Raine Benares, Book 1) Ace (May 29, 2007)

Armed & Magical (Raine Benares, Book 2) Ace (April 29, 2008)

May 21, 2009

Mind Games - Review

Mind Games
by Cecilia Tan
Ravenous Romance, 2009

For most of her life Wren Delacourt has been aware of the strong intuitive force she carries within. At times she could actually predict future events, although not always. She had no control over when these thoughts or feelings appeared. Sometimes very important events would occur of which she had no foreknowledge. Her parents' death in a car crash is one terrible example.

As an adult Wren gingerly follows her intuition. When her younger sister Abby goes missing, her intuitive sense strongly suggests the police not be involved. Still something must be done. She decides to hire her own investigator. Looking through the yellow pages she randomly selects the name of a private detective, Derek Chapman. As she quickly discovers this choice was not truly random. Other forces were at work.

Derek and Wren connect in a powerful way that neither could believe possible. They eventually embark on an intense sexual relationship that strengthen Wren's psychic abilities giving both of them clues to Amy's whereabouts.

Cecilia Tan has been writing for several years in the erotica field, but here she has written something slightly different. Besides using paranormal aspects, Tan has brought together erotic fantasy with, believe it or not, a sweet romance. You are rooting for Wren and Derek to find a happiness that has long been denied both of them. The author also skillfully uses humor. Lawrence is Wren's neighbor and dearest friend. She has complete trust in his grand sense of fashion. The scene where he takes her shopping at Victoria's Secret is hilarious. Tan writes with her usual melodic prose combining engaging characters with a deftly plotted treat for the senses.

Truth Justice and the Vampire Way - Review

Truth Justice and the Vampire Way
by Ashley Ladd
Ellora's Cave, April 22, 2009

This erotic story is filled with spice, humor, and romance. Vampire queen Genevieve and her would be consort Constantine think very highly of their vampire status. Too bad their numbers are dwindling. Their continuing feud with the werecats has put both communities at risk of extinction.

Genevieve decides it's time to bring in new blood - so to speak. While hunting one evening she spies a strong, good-looking young man and instantly decides he would be a perfect addition. Constantine can only stand by and glower. What the Queen wants the Queen gets. She swoops down pins him with her hypnotic eyes, and proceeds to use her sexual prowess before sucking blood from his chest. Tony Nelson is the fellow in question. Although he does not especially like the biting part he finds the rest quite enjoyable. In order to become a vampire Tony must drink from Genevieve which he does and enjoys it.

Unfortunately he refuses to drink mortal blood the vampire way. It turns out he is a vegetarian, and even worse has a great deal of sympathy to those still part of the human race. Before turning he had worked with disadvantaged kids, and he insists on doing it still even though he is now one of the undead.

Genevieve is beside herself. How can a vampire behave the way Tony is doing? Still, she hates to think of going to bed without his hard body nearby. What a dilemma!

The passion between Genevieve and Tony generates a lot of heat, but they are also believable characters with their own conflicting look at life. Ladd has created a credible, enticing, erotic world.

Read an excerpt.

May 19, 2009

Viola Estrella - Interview and Contest

A warm welcome to Viola Estrella author of Angel Vindicated (Cerridwen Press, May 14, 2009).

Viola is a writer of both fantasy and romance. She lives with her husband and children in Colorado. Close enough to the Rocky Mountains to see them from her backyard - with the aid of binoculars.

Read this interview with Viola. Then read the contest rules for winning a pdf copy of her novel Angel Vindicated.

Note: The contest portion of this post has closed.

PVN: What draws you to the paranormal?

Viola: Good question! There’s something very intriguing about the unknown or the idea of what could be. When writing a paranormal story, I love that there are no set rules. My imagination is the limit, whether I'm creating a single character or an entire world. In the case of my novel, Angel Vindicated , I created a world within our world. Angels and demons live among humans, manipulating and/or protecting us. Just knowing I brought this story to life from scratch makes me giddy. And I look forward to doing it again.

PVN: What is Angels, Inc.?

Viola: Angels, Inc. is an organization in my novel Angel Vindicated. It’s made up of three divisions: Demon Control, Guardian Angels, and Angels of Death. My protagonist, Abby, works as a law enforcement Angel for the Demon Control department of Angels, Inc.

PVN: Describe the relationship of Abby Angel and Simeon.

Viola: Very complicated. LOL! Simeon (half demon/half human) is everything Abby fantasizes about and everything she can’t have. Or at least she doesn’t think she can. She’s extremely attracted to him but isn’t sure she could ever fully trust a demon. Plus, her feelings for her best friend, Judd, make the situation even more confusing. An Angel’s love life is never easy.

PVN: Is this a stand alone novel or will there be others in this universe?

Viola: I sure hope there will be others. That’s my goal anyway. :-)

PVN: What other projects are you working on?

Viola: I’m also working to promote my upcoming release, Bewitching You . This book will be available at the end of October in both print and eBook from the Wild Rose Press. It’s a different animal than Angel Vindicated in the sense that it’s more of a light paranormal romance rather than an urban fantasy. It’s also written in third person with multiple points of view where AV is written in first person with only Abby’s point of view. But I hope both will be received well, of course.

PVN: Do you have any favorite paranormal TV programs or movies?

Viola: Ooh, I love Medium, Heroes, and my new favorite is HBO’s True Blood. Love, love, love that show, mainly because it’s based on one of my favorite paranormal series by Charlaine Harris.

PVN: Tell us about home and family.

Viola: I’ve been blessed with a really supportive, funny, dependable, loyal, handsome husband, and four cute, clever, intelligent sons. And I always try to remind myself of this when I’m running around the house cleaning up after them. LOL!

PVN: Tell us about the MamaWriters.

Viola: Of course! MamaWriters is the brain child of fellow author and friend, Renee Knowles. It’s both a blog and a Yahoo community where mothers who are also writers can support and cheer each other on, and I’m honored to be a part of it. To find out more, visit

PVN: Viola, thank you so much for this interview and for giving readers a chance to win a copy of your novel.

Read a blurb or excerpt of Angel Vindicated.

Bewitching You - Coming 10/30/2009 from the Wild Rose Press

Contest Rules:
Note: The contest portion of this post has closed

Ask a question or comment on any subject in the interview.

Link to this website and give me the url.

Each of the above will give you one chance toward winning a pdf copy of Angel Vindicated.

Contest ends May 21, 2009 at 11:49 PM PT.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Winners - The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Dear Readers,

The Hatchette Books contest has ended. My thanks to everyone who entered!

Listed below are the five winners of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming. Please send me your mailing address if you haven't already. Congratulations!

Linda linda{at}downes

amber hurdler4eva

Shauna tryingtostaycalm

Carlene iluvreading

Bingo nazatraz

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest May 19, 2009

Author Sharon Ashwood, has her own monsterpedia that explains, in an entertaining way, the various supernatural beings in the world she created for the Dark Forgotten series. Book one is Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten (February 2009 from Signet Eclipse). Book two Scorched: The Dark Forgotten will appear in December 2009. Read an interview with Sharon Ashwood and a review of Ravenous.

"As a special promotion to celebrate the release of Ashes of Midnight, my publisher and I are offering a free e-book download of Book 1 in the series, Kiss of Midnight, from now until May 26th, the date when Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed Series) officially goes on sale. This is not a contest or a chance to win, just a cool, no-strings giveaway that's open to one and all."

Read an essay with Angela Knight one of the best writers of erotic fantasy today.

"Lunch with The Robot Driver: Adventures in Hero Construction"

Lately people have been e-mailing me with two questions:

1. "Do you have a list of your 'Mageverse' series in order?" For the record, I do, here on my website.

2. "Will there be more 'Mageverse' books?" Well, of course. I've just written a novella called "The Vampire's Ball," for an October release, Hot for the Holidays. And now I'm hard at work on the sixth book in the series, Master of Fire....

IROSF (The Internet Review of Science Fiction)
has an interview with writers Steve and Melanie Tam

"Steve and Melanie Tem are rare birds in the writing profession. Each has carved a successful and distinguished name in both short stories and novels, but they are also known for their successful and compelling collaborations, the most famous being the novella (2000) and then novel (2008) The Man on the Ceiling."... Read more

I don't know how I missed this but in March author Marta Acosta posted on Vampire Wire this very important information on David Boreanaz - Angel on Buffy and FBI Agent Seeley Booth on Bones.

May 17, 2009

Upcoming Event - Interview & Contest with Viola Estrella

On Tuesday May 19 meet Viola Estrella author of Angel Vindicated (Cerridwen Press, May 14, 2009). Viola is a writer of both fantasy and romance. Stop by and comment or ask a question. This will give you a chance to win a PDF copy of her latest novel.

About Angel Vindicated: Abby Angel doesn’t always enjoy being a law enforcement Angel for Angels, Inc., but she excels at it. Deporting unruly demons back to Hell is her specialty. Her personal life, on the other hand, could use a little work. The virtuous and pristine genes seem to be missing in this particular Angel, getting Abby in more trouble than she likes to admit. To date, her biggest vice has been Siméon Keller, a half demon/half human, who effortlessly managed to seduce Abby five years ago. She’s avoided him ever since but can’t seem to knock the bad reputation the blunder has branded on her.

Now, the threat of a demon rebellion has Angels, Inc. overwhelmed, and Abby must trust Siméon to help her find the fiends threatening to destroy Earth’s only salvation. Staying out of Siméon’s bed is the least of her worries as she fights for the lives of all Angels and humans everywhere.

Read an excerpt

May 13, 2009

Magic Strikes - Review

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, Book 3) by Ilona Andrews. Ace, March 31, 2009.

[Reviewed by Patricia]

Kate Daniels lives In a future world where magic and technology vie for control. It takes a bit of adjusting but most people have learned to accommodate their lives when magic is high or technology again flares to life. Kate's knowledge of magic and her own prowess makes her ideal for freelance work with the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid.

One night Kate comes upon her former partner Jim, now head of security for the Pack (the largest shapeshifter society in the South), picking up the pieces of a body. Jim refuses to answer any questions about it, and tells her to mind her own business. Of course she doesn't, especially after learning that Curran, Jim's boss, and leader of the Pack has not been informed of a murder that most definitely is his business.

Kate discovers that Derek, a werewolf friend, became involved with the Midnight Games, illegal, gladitorial, no-holds-barred fights with teams of humans and preternaturals . Now Derek is missing and when he is discovered his injuries are so extensive that even his shifter healing powers may not be enough to save him. Two other shifter were hideously murdered and dismembered.

Since Derek and the other two shifters worked for Jim he is determined to track down the monsters who did this. Kate joins in. Seeing Derek so terribly brutalized enraged. What she could do, though, was combine her powers with those of Jim and his group as they set out to find who or what was behind the attacks.

One problem. She and the others risked the wrath of Curran, the Beast Master and Pack leader. He had forbidden any contact with the Midnight Games. But Kate is not too worried. Curran is a gorgeous, dangerous hunk who never wastes an opportunity to try his seductive powers on Kate. She fights her own growing sexual appitite for him. Not an easy task. The erotic, witty repartee between these two is not to be missed.

A lot of bad stuff goes on, but there is enough snarky humor to keep things from getting too dark. As in the first 2 books of the series deft plotting and a brilliant assortment of engaging characters make this a must for any reader of fantasy - urban or otherwise.

Magic Strikes is book 3 in the Kate Daniel series. Fans will not be disappointed and new readers should have no trouble jumping right in. Although if there is a choice it's more enjoyable to read the stories in order and watch the characters and their relationships develop.

Note: There are vampires in the alternate reality, but none would ever make the hero of a romance novel. Here is how Kate (in Magic Burns) describes them: "Look, you have to remember that vampires are mindless like cockroaches. They are just vehicles for the Masters of the Dead. If you see a bloodsucker and it's not ripping everyone to shred, there's an actual human being riding that vamp's mind...."

[Reviewed by Patricia]

Read a review of Magic Burns

Books in order of publication:

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1). Ace, 2007.

Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, Book 2) Ace, 2008.

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, Book 3) Ace, 2009

Book 4 - title unknown - is scheduled for publication in March 2010

Blue Diablo - Review

Blue Diablo: A Corine Solomon Novel by Ann Aguirre. Roc, April 7, 2009.

[Reviewed by Patricia]

Corine Solomon has found a quiet secluded neighborhood of Mexico City. She has lived there a year and runs a small pawn shop. This is a good place to hide. No one can find her or so she hopes. But someone did track her down. A person who had been very special in her life until the day she decided for her own safety and sanity she had to leave him.

Chance, the man she ran from, her former partner and lover, finds Corine. He needs her help, he says, because his mother, Min, has disappeared in Laredo, Texas. Only one clue has been left behind, a small Buddha. Chance wants Corrine to use her gift to touch the small statue and tell him what she sees. Corine is a handler, and this psychic gift has given her much pain.

Reluctantly Corine agrees to hold the Buddha. She has a brief glimpse of a white truck before the pain forces her to let go. Corine's gift comes with a price. The objects that tell their story emit heat. Metal is especially bad. She has scars on the palms of her hands to prove it. Her gift came from her mother who died in a fire deliberately set.

Eventually Corine and Chance come to an agreement. She will help him find his mother, and he will help her locate those responsible for her own mother's death.

Corine, who narrates the events of the story, is fragile and tough, and has suffered many hurts throughout her life beginning with witnessing her mother's horrifying death. She is also a keen observer of people and happenings around her. Her wounded spirit often causes her to have unwarranted suspicions, but this antenna has also saved her life on occasion.

Aguirre has created a likable, believable heroine. In fact all of the characters are well realized. At the center of the story is a complex, paranormal mystery. Corrine, Chance, the psychically gifted police detective Jesse, and other "talented" friends must use all of their resources to solve it. I should add that unexpected help comes from a cute, prescient chihuahua named Butch.

Blue Diablo is an excellent beginning to a new urban fantasy series. A series I will definitely follow!

[Reviewed by Patricia]

Book 2 Hell Fire coming late ‘09 from Roc.

Book 3 Shady Lady. No pub. information yet.

Darkborn - Review

Darkborn by Alison Sinclair. Roc Trade (May 5, 2009).

[Reviewed by Breia Brickey]

For the Darkborn, sunlight kills. For the Lightborn, darkness is fatal. Living under a centuries-old curse, the Darkborn and the Lightborn share the city of Minhorne, coexisting in an uneasy equilibrium but never interacting.

When Darkborn physician Balthasar Hearne finds a pregnant fugitive on his doorstep just before sunrise, he has no choice but to take her in. Tercelle Amberley’s betrothed is a powerful Darkborn nobleman, but her illicit lover came to her through the daytime. When she gives birth to twin boys, they can see, something unheard of among the Darkborn.

Two days after the birth men arrive in search of the children. Balthasar is saved only by the intervention of his Lightborn neighbor—and healed by the hands of his wife, Telmaine. Soon Balthasar finds himself drawn deeper into political intrigue and magical attacks as an enemy of both Darkborn and Lightborn appears in a new guise, while Telmaine must confront a power she can no longer keep sheathed in gloves-- a power she neither wants nor can control.

This was a very interesting story full of intrigue, action, and bravery from the average person. Although truth be told the characters in this gripping novel are anything but average. Magic mixed with science and medicine bring this wonderful tale to life. This story was beautifully descriptive and well written.This takes the idea of a conspiracy theory to a whole other level. Who do you trust when the lives of your entire world and way of living is at stake? I am highly anticipating the sequel to this amazing world of people.

Read chapter one of Darkborn

The story continues in the other two novels of the trilogy, Lightborn (due out May 2010), and Shadowborn (due out May 2011)

Reviewed by Breia Brickey for Patricia's Vampire Notes

May 10, 2009

May Book for Email Subscribers

This month email subscribers to Patricia's Vampire Notes will be entered to win a copy of The Memoristby M. J. Rose.

Subscribing is easy. In the right hand column click on Subscribe to Patricia's Vampire Notes by Email. Be sure to respond to the email asking you to validate your subscription.

Read a review.

Book Contest - The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Win a copy of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming
by Joshilyn Jackson (Grand Central Publishing, 2009).

"Lauren Gray Hawthorne needs to make things pretty, whether she's helping her mother keep family skeletons in the closet or sewing her acclaimed art quilts. Her estranged sister, Thalia, is her opposite, an impoverished actress who prides herself on exposing the lurid truths lurking behind middle class niceties.

While Laurel's life seems neatly on track-- a passionate marriage, a treasured daughter, a lovely suburban home-- everything she holds dear is threatened the night she is visited by the ghost of her 13-year-old neighbor Molly. The ghost leads Laurel to the real Molly, floating lifelessly in the Hawthorne's backyard pool. Molly's death is an unseemly mystery that no one in her whitewashed neighborhood is up to solving. Laurel enlists Thalia's help, even though she knows it comes with a high price tag.

Together, they set out on a life-altering journey that triggers startling revelations about their family's haunted past, the true state of Laurel's marriage, and the girl who stopped swimming."

Simply post a comment and your name will be entered in the contest. Please be sure I can reach you through email. Thanks to Hatchette Books there will be five winners!
The contest runs from May 10 - May 17.

Note: This contest is restricted to residents of the US and Canada only. And, sorry, no PO Boxes.

Contests Throughout May at Bitten by Books

All this month the paranormal review site Bitten by Books is having multiple contests and offering spectacular prizes. Below is just one example:

"On Monday 5/11 author Susan Blexrud will be at Bitten by Books for an exclusive interview. You can ask her questions and chat with her all day and into the night!

She’s also giving away some amazing prizes. The contest portion of the event will run until 5/15/09 and is open to readers worldwide!

The event starts at 10:30 CDT and runs throughout the day. Just stop by the main Bitten by Books site."

Be sure to check out Susan’s website right away, and get your questions ready for Monday, it is going to be a FANGtastic day!"