Oct 9, 2009

Love Fang - Vampire book review

Love Fang

by Susan Blexrud
First Edition April 2009
DCL Publications
[available as an ebook]

Love Fang could almost be classified as a sweet romance except for the torrid love scenes.

Vampire John Wright has been around since the time of England's King Henry VIII. Now he resides in Florida. To keep his daytime life running smoothly while he sleeps, he has the able help of a brash, heart of gold, mortal assistant named Doreen.

Sadly even immortal vampires have problems. John has an immediate need for a dentist. His impacted fang hurts like heck. Fortunately Doreen finds a dentist with evening hours. The lovely Dr Lauren Marsh takes care of what she believes to be an unusually long canine by pulling it out. Not exactly the result John had hoped for, but with today's technology the "tooth" could easily be replaced.

When these two genuinely nice people meet they immediately know they were meant for each other. But the course of true love never runs smoothly. There are hurdles to overcome, which I won't tell you about. That would be spoiling the fun of reading this delightful story told with grace and wit.


Susan Blexrud said...

Patricia, Thanks so much for the lovely review. Keep doing all you do for readers and writers of vampires. You keep the genre state-of-the-art, or should I say state-of-the-macabre? You turned me on to the Penguin Paranormal video series, and now I'm hooked. I loved the recent interview with Charlaine Harris.

Miriam Newman said...

Love Fang is a great read and this reviewer has caught the spirit of it--sweet but sexy!

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Susan

You're welcome! I truly enjoyed the story and the characters.

I'm glad you find the Penguin Paranormal series entertaining. So do I! There is always someone interesting being interviewed.

Patricia Altner said...


Sounds like we are in agreement.
Thanks for writing!

DCL Publications said...
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DCL Publications said...

Thanks for reviewing LOVE FANG Patricia! Susan is a best selling DCL author for a reason.

Patricia Altner said...


I can believe Susan is one of your top selling authors. She writes extremely well and has a great sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

ohh, this looks just delicious! I am adding to my TBR!!!
Can't get enough vamps!


Patricia Altner said...


Stop by PVN patricias-vampire-notes.blogspot.com on Mon 2-8-10. Susan will be interviewed and is offering 2 readers a copy of her book of short stories beginning with Love Fang.

Thanks for writing