May 9, 2010

This Week on PVN (May 9, 2010)

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies

This Vamp's for you!

Gerard Butler as Count Dracula

On Tuesday May 11, Sonya Bateman author of the hilarious urban fantasy Master of None visits PVN and is offering a signed copy of her novel to one lucky reader. Contest is international.

About the book: Gavyn Donatti is the world’s unluckiest thief...
Just ask all the partners he’s lost over the years. And when
he loses an irreplaceable item that he was hired to steal for
his ruthless employer, Trevor—well, his latest bungle just
might be his last. But then his luck finally turns: right when
Trevor’s thugs have Donatti cornered, a djinn, otherwise
known as a genie, appears to save him.

Unfortunately, this genie—who goes by the very non-magical
name of “Ian”—is more Hellboy than dream girl. An
overgrown and extremely surly man who seems to hate
Donatti on the spot, he may call Donatti master, but he isn’t
interested in granting three wishes. He informs Donatti that
he is bound to help the thief fulfill his life’s purpose, and then
he will be free. The problem is that neither Donatti nor Ian
has any idea what exactly that purpose is.

At first Donatti’s too concerned with his own survival to look
a gift genie in the mouth, but when his ex-girlfriend Jazz and
her young son get drawn into the crossfire, the stakes
skyrocket. And when Ian reveals that he has an agenda of his
own—with both Donatti and the murderous Trevor at the
center of it—Donatti will have to become the man he never
knew he could be—or the entire world could pay the price… 


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Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

Yummy Gerard Butler!

Vickie said...

sigh....Gerard Butler for Mother's Day....and looking forward to Sonya's visit!

Patricia Altner said...

Leilani and Vickie

Gerard does make a very handsome, sexy Dracula, doesn't he? Now I have to see the movie!

Vickie, I only recently got a copy of Sonya's book and haven't had a chance to read it yet, but it has received terrific reviews.

Time4u Book Review said...

No No No! Gerard Butler is at his best with a gun or a sword. The long hair look just does'nt work for him!

Patricia Altner said...

I have to admit Gerard looked pretty good in 300 with short hair, great abs, and a sword.

Marta said...

Thanks for the Gerry Butler as Dracula pic!

I've got a copy of Master of None that I'm saving for my vacation. Looking forward to your interview with Sonya.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Marta

Glad you like GB's photo!

Sonya's blog will be lots of fun.

BTW The review of Nancy Theory of Style will be posted Thursday.