May 7, 2010

Release - Vampire Novel Review

by Nicole Hadaway, 2010
[Hardcover edition, June 2010]

Nicole Hadaway shows a lot of heart in her novel. The terrible plight of Jews, most especially the children, during the occupation of Poland by Nazis is central to the story. Ben, a medical doctor and a Jew, agonizes over the plight of his people. He works closely with the Resistance find safe haven for the desperate little ones. While doing this dangerous work he comes across three women who, he eventually discovers, belong to a nonhuman plane of existence. Vanessa is a demon, Rosa, a werewolf, and Miranda, their leader, a vampire. While most vampires find little interest in human affairs, even tend to think of them as mainly a food source, Unlike most vampires Miranda has a very strong conscience and a keen desire to help the innocent.  Slowly Ben accepts the fact that these women are not the monsters of myth, and he begins to trust their sincerely. On more than one occasion their supernatural powers gets him and his charges out of tight situations.

The author also weaves into the story the mythology of the Nephilim, children of human women and the angels who fell from grace to mate with them. [see guest blog on this subject]

Hadaway focuses her attention on the immediate peril faced by young children as the Nazi machine sought their capture for deportation to the death camps. All the characters, especially Ben and Vanessa, are well thought out and believable. Release is a touching, spellbinding story.


Vickie said...

This is an interesting turn of premise to the paranormal world. I've added it to the Wanton Wantin' Book List.

Patricia Altner said...


Release is definitely a worthwhile addition.

I love "Wanton Wantin' Book List. If you ever start another blog you must use that as the title!

Wendy said...

I read this book a couple months back and loved it! Nicole really did her homework, and I always appreciate an author who takes the time to research a subject for a fictional story.