May 13, 2010

Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead - Vampire Book Review

Evolve: Vampire Stories of the New Undead
Edited by Nancy Kilpatrick
Edge (September 15, 2010)
[This title has already been released in Canada]

I first discovered the works of Nancy Kilpatrick when compiling information for Vampire Reading. The edgy, vampire romances in the Power of Blood series made me a convert to her writing. I mention this even though she edits but does not contribute a story to Evolve, because I trust her judgement on what makes a good vampire story.  I was not disappointed!

This is a collection of works from 25 Canadian writers including big name authors like Kelley Armstrong and Tanya Huff. The stories are a mixture of comic, dramatic and dark. This excellent collection will appeal to lovers of vampire and paranormal fiction.

I've written very briefly about each story to give you an idea of what you will find.

Let the Night In - a poem
    by Sandra Kasturi

    "Let us to the moon, he says.
     Such a relief to stand on that always
     darkened face, cratered imperfect
     cousin, beautiful  sphere flying
     into the celestial darkness....
[first lines of the poem}

Learning Curve by Kelley Armstrong

A vampire takes on the responsibility of training up and comping slayers on the art of survival.

Chrysalis by Ronald Hore

Snarky humor embues this coming of age story of a young dhampir.

Mother of Miscreants by Jennifer Greylyn

Lilith finds a way to connect with her much loved but long neglected children.

Resonance by Mary E. Choo

Vampires resonate with all the life around them. It should be their duty to share this knowledge.

The New Forty by Rebecca Bradley

Turned into a vampire as an old woman hundreds of years ago the narrator finds herself looking relatively youthful in the 21st century.

Red Blues by Michael Skeet

A dark, poetic telling of vampire who has set his eyes on a woman - seduced her with his mind and his music. The hunt has begun.

The Drinker by Victoria Fisher

An overwhelming thirst is a terrible gift from a stranger.

Sleepless in Calgary by Kevin Cockle

Want to become a vampire? Calgary is where it's happening. It's the perfect place, but, always, be  careful what you wish for.

Come to Me by Heather Clitheroe

A melodic tale strong with desire and death.

Quid Pro Quo by Tanya Huff

A short, sweet story featuring Vicki Nelson and Mike Celluci and the power of love and friendship.

Mama's Boy by Sandra Wickham

Never, ever underestimate the bond between mother and child.

An Ember Amongst the Fallen by Colleen Anderson

The Book of the Fallen is the bible as written for the vampiri. There are many rules and one taboo punishable by death.

The Morning After by Claude Bolduc

Edgy story of a vampire's horrifying  awakening.

All You Can Eat, All the Time by Claude Lalumiere

Jennie hopes for a new life in Montreal. She meets a seductive vampire and thinks her life complete. She could not be more wrong!

Alia's Angel by Rhea Rose

Alia believes she has found an angel, but her friend Peer recognizes a monster.

When I'm Armouring My Belly by Gemma Files

Benjamin's mother told him he was a monster but from the vampires he learned the he was something else, something unique.

A Murder of Vampires by Bev Vincent

A detective and a seductive vampires solve a murder of vampires together.

The greatest Trick by Steve Vernon

Poliical advisor Jessome learns the hard way not to trust a politician, especially if he's one of the undead.

Soulfinger by Rio Youers

Going to a smoky bar to hear the legendary Soulfinger play, Peter finds himself on the other side of reason.

Bend to Beautiful by Bradley Somer

The haunting tale of a vicious angel.

Evolving by Natash Beaulieu

Anton desperately wants to be a vampire. He looks the part; acts the part; still it's not enough. What else does he have to do!

How Magnificent is the Universal Donor by Jerome Stueart

Jacob and his husband Harlen discover the true meaning of being a hero.

The Sun Also Shines on the Wicked by Kevin Nunn

Vampire Stefan longs for the touch of the sun and builds an apparatus that just might allow him to enjoy its warmth.

Read an interview with Nancy Kilpatrick


Sandra Wickham said...

Thanks for posting your review! I'm really excited to part of such a great anthology. It's a great line up of stories with a unique look at the new undead.

I hope everyone enjoys it!

Patricia Altner said...

Thanks for checking in, Sandra.

Your story is so clever! Loved it!