May 16, 2010

This Week on PVN (May 16,2010)

Tomorrow, Monday May 17, PVN is delighted to welcome back author Gail Z. Martin author of the Chronicles of the Necromancer series. Book 4, Dark Lady's Chosen, was published in December 2009. Gail will discuss "new" vs "old" style vampires. She says, "In my Chronicles of the Necromancer series, my vampires, the vayash moru, have a moral choice about how they use the Dark Gift."

One lucky reader will win a signed copy of Dark Lady's Chosen

Read an interview with Gail

Read a review of Book 3 Dark Haven

Ongoing Contests

Guest Blog and Contest
Sonya Bateman offers one lucky reader a signed copy of Master of None. Contest ends May 26 and is International

Ardeur 14 Writers on the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series
Contest ends today, Sunday May 16, at midnight, and is open to US and Canadian residents only.

Guest Blog and Contest
Faith V Smith author of Dunbar's Curse is offering a pdf copy of her book.
Contest closes May 19 and is international!

Recent Contest Winners

Guest Blog and Contest
On Thursday April 29 PVN welcomes Brigit Zahara author of the hot new vampire menage The Turning. Contest ended May 13.

The winner is k_sunshine1977

Brigit's asked readers this question: How do you like your vampire stories — contemporary, historical or a bit of both? 

Below are two answers to see others go here

*i say, there's not enough vampire historicals out there. i hate having to choose one or the other - why can't i have it all? bring it on!

*Usually I like my vampire stories to be contemporary, but I've read a lot of books written that way and will def try books with historical influence!

Blog Tour and Contest
Win a copy of FIREFLY RAIN. Contest ends May 9.

The winner is Robin K

I asked reader to tell me about the scariest house or building you've ever been in. See  a sampling of answers below. For others go here 

*My house is pretty creepy to everyone but me (thank goodness I haven't seen anything for myself). My sister and her friends have seen a girl they thought was me (young with long dark hair) several times walking by my room and to the bathroom by my room. We've lived here for about 6 years and they still see her sometimes....

*My church's old building was spooky at night. When we were there providing child care for functions, we'd hear all sorts of creaks, footsteps & toilets flushing upstairs. Whenever someone would go look there'd be nobody there. Freaky.

*Every Haunted house I've ever been in I ran screaming and often crying. I don't like being chased with chain saws.

*My sister used to live in a haunted house. Lights and music would turn on and off. Objects would move when you left the room. Footsteps when no one was present - things like that. It was very creepy.

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