Apr 25, 2010

Firefly Rain - Blog Tour and Contest

by Richard Dansky
Gallery; Reprint edition (April 6, 2010)

"FIREFLY RAIN is videogame creator Richard Dansky’s riveting supernatural tale that blends southern gothic atmosphere with classic thrills and chills. Publishers Weekly called it "remarkable...a supernatural thriller that breathes life into one of the genre's staples--the haunted house," and Library Journal said that "Dansky's ability to build terror slowly and talent for hiding his clues in plain sight demonstrate an attraction to old-fashioned, classic horror. Dansky...exhibits his talent for original supernatural fiction in this tightly paced tale of mystery and terror."
From the publisher: When Jacob left home for a new life, he pretty much forgot all about Maryfield, North Carolina. But Maryfield never forgot him. Or forgave him.

After a failed business venture in Boston, Jacob Logan comes back to the small Southern town of his childhood and takes up residence in the isolated house he grew up in. Here, the air is still. The nights are black. And his parents are buried close by. It should feel like home—but something is terribly wrong.

Jacob loses all his belongings in a highway accident. His car is stolen from his driveway, yet he never hears a sound. The townspeople seem guarded and suspicious. And Carl, the property caretaker with so many secrets, is unnervingly accommodating. Then there are the fireflies that light the night skies . . . and die as they come near Jacob’s home. If it weren’t for the creaking sounds after dark, or the feeling that he is being watched, Jacob would feel so alone. He shouldn’t worry. He’s not.
And whatever’s with him isn’t going to let him leave home ever again.


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Thanks to Sarah Reidy of Gallery Books 1 US resident (no P. O. Box, please) will win a copy of Firefly Rain.

*Tell me about the scariest house or building you've ever been in.

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Contest ends May 9, 2010.


katsrus said...

I am a follower and subscriber.
I worked in a building that was attached to hospital(made in offices). This one floor I had to clean towards evening always creeped me out. I always felt watched and I would hear my name called plain as day. I would answer~thought it was my supervisor & no one there. Happened more than once. And I hated cleaning part of the old OR that was closed down~just a creepy feeling.
Sue B

Tore said...

I am subscriber to Patricia's Vampire Notes. I have never been in a haunted house or building. Please enter me in contest. Thank you. Tore923@aol.com

angie said...

Probably the scariest place I have been would have to be the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO. This is where The Shining was filmed. I live in Colorado and one time after watching The Shining we decided to go see it. It was just creepy because of the movie. Nothing out of the ordinary happened it was more so the movie freaked me out about the place.
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email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

llt806 said...

Hi. I'm a follower and also subscribe. I wouldn't call it scary since I don't like to think of myself as being easily scared, it was more of a weirded out feeling I had walking through an abandoned old age home in Westchester County, NY. It was during the day and the place looked like people just walked out and left ledgers open and files on counters. I felt like I was being watched as I walked through the building and sometimes papers stirred though there wasn't a breeze. But I wasn't scared, just felt strange.

Kimberly B. said...

I'm a follower and a subscriber.
I think the scariest building I've been to would probably be anywhere I've worked retail in the evening after closing. It gets so spooky when you find yourself someplace there are normally lots of people, but there's no one around.
Thanks for the great giveaway.

Ellie said...

I'm a follower. I've not been in a scary or haunted house/building, that I can think of at least not yet.

I do remember feeling uneasy near some of the houses we passed on a Ghost Walk a few years ago in Savannah, GA. Especially when things would cause the shades or curtains to move and the places were locked up tight and we were outside with our tour guide. It was fun though.


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid there was a stone house with a clock tower on the corner of my street. It was built with dark stone and you had to climb up steps into a dark porch to get to the front door. We would only tick or treat there as a group.

I'm a subscriber
sgiden AT verizon DOT net

catslady said...

I am a follower and subscriber.
Alas, I have never been in one but I watch all the shows on TV and love reading about it and would find it fascinating to be in a real one.


Robin K said...

I am a follower.

I think the scariest building was an old barn. It was full of corners, dust, and mysterious junk collected. Of course, I was also young and did a great job of freaking myself and friends out.

Robin K said...

Opps... Tweeted here:


KMichelleC87 said...

My house is pretty creepy to everyone but me (thank goodness I haven't seen anything for myself). My sister and her friends have seen a girl they thought was me (young with long dark hair) several times walking by my room and to the bathroom by my room. We've lived here for about 6 years and they still see her sometimes. And my mom says a little boy (she thought it was my 4 year old) climbed into her bed one night but was gone after a minute. I would absolutely go crazy if I ever saw anything so I try very hard not to look too hard(if a catch a shadow out of the corner of my eye, I just keep looking forward). I have heard that you only see stuff if you want to or if you really believe so maybe it's true and thats why it happens to everyone but me.

I follow your blog

Thanks for the contest.


KMichelleC87 said...

This comment isn't for the contest (already entered) but I just remembered a really good book with ghosts. A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb. Sorry if this seems random. HeeHee

Dawn M. said...

My church's old building was spooky at night. When we were there providing child care for functions, we'd hear all sorts of creaks, footsteps & toilets flushing upstairs. Whenever someone would go look there'd be nobody there. Freaky. I was glad when we moved to our new location.

I subscribe by email. (midnightblue)

Thanks! :0)
librarygrinch at gmail dot com

Christine H said...

Every Haunted house I've ever been in I ran screaming and often crying. I don't like being chased with chain saws.

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donnas said...

I havent been in it, but the creepiest building I have ever been near and just outside was Hull House in Chicago.

I am a follower

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bacchus76 at myself dot com

Anonymous said...

The scariest house I've been in was the house I used to live in.

Doors would swing open. You could here what sounded like people - children maybe playing in a corner room. Sounds like the doors were being opened and slammed shut (the front and back doors). It was a creepy house.

I am a follower-pams00

I am a subcriber - pams00@aol.com

Pam S

BreiaB said...

The scariest place I had ever been in was the building next to my dorm in college. I had to go into a few times a day and it always felt as if someone were watching me.

Julie said...

I visited the Winchester house in California, where the owner felt the spirits forced her to keep on building in the house. There are rooms in the house that open to nothing, stairways to the ceiling, ect. Kinda creepy.
I'm a google follower, twitter follower, and fan on facebook. juliecookies(at)gmail.com

Lori Hedgpeth said...

I am a follower and a subscriber and would love to win this book!

I have never been inside a haunted house or a house that scared me, but I was outside the location where the Manson murders occurred. The house was torn down but the location gave me the most unsettling feeling. I could never, ever live there.

Thanks for the opportunity!

~ Lori

Aik said...

The scariest building I've ever been in was a abandoned wooden house. It's creepy!

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aikychien at yahoo dot com

Sarah E said...

I once babysat in a scary house that creaked and groaned at night in the dark. Please enter me in this giveaway!

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familyhistree at yahoo dot com

Sarah E

SiNn said...

well theres been a few i lived ina haunted house that was once was a home to a murder scene and also buiral ground to children back in the early 20's was very veyr creepy

im a follower

and an emial subscriber

ArkieRN said...

My sister used to live in a haunted house. Lights and music would turn on and off. Objects would move when you left the room. Footsteps when no one was present - things like that. It was very creepy.

I follow on twitter and Google as ArkieRN, am a facebook fan under my name and receive your newsletter.

skyla11377 said...

The Scariest House I Have Ever Been To Was In Oshawa, Ontarioa Canada. My Now Husband Wanted To Show Me This Creepy Old House Were Suposedly A Witch Or Such Person Lived. She Had A Hedge Maze With An Alter In The Center Of It. The Funny Thing Was He Took Me During The Day And For Some Odd Reason It Was Much Scarier In The Light Of Day. He Popped Out A Few Times And Scared Me To Death. I Never Wanted To Be In That House Ever Again. But I Am Glad I Went And Looked Around The One Time. It Was Kool Seeing A Spooky Old House Up Close And Personnal.

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k_sunshine1977 said...

i am an email subscriber and facebook fan (kisah jackson)
i've never been in a haunted house or anything, but i'm always on the lookout!


Cyndi said...

As a child, I was fascinated by an abandoned house up the hill from my own (we lived in the country). I started to go in once, but I heard a loud howling sound, and I ran all the way home.

I'm a follower and an email subscriber :-)

jellybelly82158 said...

I used to be a nurse in a hospital. You have never been spooked until you have to go to the morgue at 2am by yourself. It is dark and cold. And you feel like someone is watching you.

I am a follower

jellybelly82158 said...

I subscribe by email