Apr 28, 2010

PVN news update

On Thursday, April 29, Brigit Zahara author of The Turning visits PVN. One lucky reader will win a copy of her ebook. The contest is international.

From the Publisher: Galeria is ready to hit the streets of L.A. for a quick snack and maybe a little shopping. She is a very happy, satisfied woman—having just left her two hot vampire lovers sleeping soundly in her bed. But their lives weren’t always so wonderful, such a long time ago in Rome...

Back then, Galeria was the emperor's daughter. She wasn’t supposed to have a scorching secret affair with the beautiful and bountiful Cassian, the Roman Empire’s greatest gladiator. Nor should she have taken comfort in the massive marble-like arms of AtticusCassian’s best friend, her night chamber guard and a closet vampire—when informed of Cassian’s supposed demise.

Too late, they discover that Cassian lives, and overcome with jealousy, he challenges Atticus to a battle to the death in the arena. Galeria is caught in the middle, tormented by her feelings for these two powerful men.  But strange and mysterious things are about to happen—rituals that will change all their lives forever.

Read an excerpt.

The contest for a copy Angelolgy by Danielle Trussoni has ended. The winner is Susan Blexrud. Congratulations!

Readers were asked to name to name an angel. The archangels Gabriel and  Michael were  favorites. Some named Michael because of the movie of the same name starring John Travolta. Lucifer had several mentions as well. Castiel from the TV show Supernatural  had a few votes. Personally I find him to be rather sexy. Maybe it's his sincere look, rumpled clothing. and cute face.

For a look at all the responses and to read the fascinating interview with author Danielle Trussoni go here.


Susan Blexrud said...

Such a thrill! Thanks so much, Danielle and Patricia! I am so excited to be receiving a signed copy of Angelology! You gals made my day. I'm giving a talk on "Writing About Vampires" next week at the South Asheville Library, and one of the topics I discuss is how angels are the new supernatural stars. Can't wait to read Angelology!

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Susan

Enjoy the book!

Wish I could hear your talk. I am very interested in the combo of Urban Fantasy and Angels.

Kathleen said...

"The Turning" looks pretty good. Ancient Rome and vampires... a mix of two of my fav things ;)

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Kathleen

Yep! Vampires amongst the Romans. Sounds like a fun idea.

Remember to stop by tomorrow for a chance to win a copy of The Turning.

Jack C. Young said...

Yep the Romans had their vampires as did other ancient peoples. (According to Suetonius, Caligula returned as the archtypical blood sucking ghost after his murder.)
Then there was that fascinating creature, the lamia. (Half woman, have serpent, and no one to mess around with.)
According to Jerome's Vulgate, (in Pope Clement's rescension anyway) a passage in Isaiah (34:14) says that vampires DO exist. ("Ibi cubacit lamia, et invenit sibi requiem.)
How's that for proof? ;-)
Way to go Susan! We all rejoice in your success!!! :-)

Jack C. Young said...

WOW!!! Another typo. Arghhhh!
Meant to write "cubavit" for "Cubacit". The passage reads "There hath the vampire lain down and found a nest for her brood."
Sorry. Should have checked it over better. Thanks.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Jack

Thanks for writing. I had no idea vampires were mentioned anywhere in any version of the Bible. I love these little tidbits!