Apr 25, 2010

This Week on PVN (April 25, 2010)

Monday, April 26, PVN welcomes Nicole Hadaway author of Release, a story set during the grim days of WW II when Nazi oppression of the Jews is at its height. Ben, a young doctor, works desperately to save Jewish children. He finds help and forbidden love in the beautiful vampire Miranda. This is a wonderful story full of grit and passion.

Like so many of us Nicole is fascinated with the concept of fallen angels and their offspring the Nephilim, an idea she has incorporated into Release. She will share her thoughts on this and also include a contest for a copy of her book.

Firefly Rain 

Contest for FIREFLY RAIN by Richard Dansky begins today April 25 see following post for details.

Last week the contest for a copy of Dusk by Lana Griffin ended. The winner is KatetheBookBuff  Congratulaitons!

Readers were asked this question: Do you believe in voodoo - why or why not?

Here are some of the replies:
      "I'm not sure if I believe in in voodoo, but I certainly fear it! It seems so dark and frightening to me, I'd rather not have anything to do with it in real life."
      "I believe that voodoo exists. There are some people that practice the black arts. I believe voodoo is evil and is used by some people in evil ways."

     "I'm not sure about vodoo either but; I do know it scares me."

To read all of the comments go here

Today, April 25 is the last day to enter the contest for an autographed copy of Angelology by Danielle Trussoni!  Go here for contest details.

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