Apr 22, 2010

V.M.K. Fewings - Guest Blog and Contest

It's a pleasure to welcome author Vanessa Fewings to PVN. Today she writes about her latest vampire novel Orpheus:  A Vampire’s Rise (Lachesis Publishing (March 22, 2010) Take it away, Vanessa!

Thank you for inviting me over to tell you a little more about Orpheus: A Vampire's Rise, the second book in my vampire series.

Over the course of writing the novel, the character of Orpheus never failed to surprise me. His world is one of shadows, seduction and mystery, and I always found myself enveloped in his presence, as much as the people around him.

Often with my prose, I allow my characters to take me where they may. It’s no different for Orpheus, only he ups the stakes. Telling his story enabled me to cover the full scope of his breathtaking transition from mortal to immortal. Although I had previously written about him in Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning, this book enabled me to get even closer to a vampire I thought I already knew.

Orpheus: A Vampire's Rise begins with Orpheus's early years growing up in 15th century Spain, one of the country's darkest eras. By witnessing the terrifying events that serve as a catalyst for his descent into the underworld, we get to delve deeper into his complex psyche. The clues unravel before us, revealing how fate led him to become the deadliest of vampires.

Orpheus’s nature leans towards total domination; psychological, spiritual, and sexual. Add in his sincere charm, and it makes him one difficult nightwalker to resist.      
I’m thrilled with the release of Orpheus: A Vampire’s Rise because I get to share more of one of my most beloved and intriguing vampires. Writing Orpheus was truly a wonderful experience and many fans of Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning have expressed their eagerness to get their hands on this second book!  I’m grateful for their devotion to Orpheus and hope they enjoy reading his story as much as I enjoyed discovering it.

Yours Eternal,

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If you were immortal, what time would you like to live in and why? Answer in a few sentences. Best answer wins.

That's it! That's all you have to do!

Contest runs until April 30. Vanessa will choose the winner. Contest is international!


Julie said...

I suppose life as a vampire would be easier in long ago times before credit cards and social security numbers. That way it's easier to keep a low profile. However, it sure would be boring being stuck inside all day without TV!

SandyG265 said...

I would like to live in the 1970s. Most of the modern conveniences exist and travelling was easier than it is today.

Lisa R said...

I think from maybe the 1940's to 50's. Definitely before the internet. It would have been much easier to keep hidden while still managing to have a "life". Now with cameras on every corner and on everyone's phone, it would be much harder to stay under the radar. Can you imagine if you were discovered today, twitter would make you "life" unbearable.

Ina said...

Hi Vanessa!
thanks for your post :)
to answer your question: if I were immortal why do I hsve to choose a time? *gg* I would "start" in the Regency era because of the gorgeous clothes and after that I would travel around the world :)
greetings, Ina

katsrus said...

Let's see maybe the early 80's. I liked those years. I do like some of the modern conveniences. LOL.
Sue B

Cyndi said...

The beauty of being immortal is that you get to live through all time periods. However, I would start with the early Greeks, since they are the birthplace of the modern Republic. Living through the rise and fall of civilizations, seeing the best and worst of mankind, and eventually reaching the current day where people do very little manual labor and live through a virtual world would be absolutely fascinating. Imagine the depth and breath of your knowledge!

catslady said...

I would go the opposite way - into the future. Here's hoping that we finally got things right - otherwise I would assume we wouldn't be there lol.

Tea and Tomes said...

If I were immortal, I'd live in every time from here on out! I wouldn't pick a particular time period to be stuck in for eternity, because as fascinating as some times and places are and have been, the world is an ever-changing beast, and where's the fun of being immortal if you can't see how it changes?

jellybelly82158 said...

If I were immortal I would want to start in the early 1900's and continue thru the future. That would give me time to learn how to hide my immortality from everyone else by learning all the new electronics that have been developed. That way I could change my identity on the computer myself.

SiNn said...

umm if im immortal meansid bearound for ever honestly id have to say id love o be around durring victoian england or even hen dublin was in all itsglory anytime that didnt have a tele phone would b nice

Robin K said...

I would want to live in the time of knights and kings. A simpler time with more privacy and isolation. A time of honor and loyalty. I would want to exist in a time where the stars were unencumbered by technology and life was still wild.

buddyt said...

The problem with being an immortal vampire is what do you do with all that time?
After all you can't spend 24/7 just biting and sucking blood all night and sleeping all day.

Most people seem to want to go back in history but I would like to become immortal today and continue living in our future as I have no idea what that is going to be, rather than re-living the past which I already know a fair bit about.

Make sense ?

Carol T

StarLyte Lady said...

If I were an immortal. I would want to become one during the early times of Medieval life. Not only so much pain and suffering, but the beauty of those in court, the way the nobles lives, the wonderous castles...and as a Vampire I am sure I could persuade myself into Nobility...While TV makes it deceiving showing so much beauty back then, humans were still evolving from constant army invading, plagues, and everything else.

Rhiannon Mills said...

I would live in the 1700's, preferably in Marie Antoinette's time, and I would make her my friend if possible...that way I could warn her that she was likely to lose her head. I've always thought that her only problem was that she was too young to be Queen. Also, it would be a lot easier to go off the charts sort of if you had to back then, and the French Court sounds like fun!

michelle g said...

If I were a vampire I would want to start my immortal life in the 1920's, it was a simpler time without computers and cell phones. People were easier to, to make them believe I was one of them a human walking among them when indeed I was the very shadow lurking in the dark. I would love to get to exist through the rest of the decades as well learning and watching. Moving with the times and becoming better at my craft.

Dot S. said...

There is no better time than now to be a vampire. With the current craze I would be a celebrity and maybe get to hang out with all the other celebrity vampires. lol

tc said...

I would like to exist during 1600 or 1700.it seems to put of a sort of energy that just seems to fit what it means to be immortal.

EVA SB said...

Well if I was immortal I would live forever so that means I could enjoy many time periods.
As a history buff this sounds like heaven!
I would start about 5,000 years ago and observe the pyramids being built in Egypt, a quick trip to Mount Sinai would be an experience and I could visit the Babylonian Empire.
Also it would probably be advisable to make me a man and rich :0)

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

If I were immortal, I could experience and live in several different times! I would start at the Greek/Roman times: I would like to be a financially independent aristocrat, so that even as a woman I would be independent and respected. And I would also like to experience the 1800-1900, I simply love the carriages, the balls and gowns and the gentlemen! :-)

stella.exlibris (at) gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Well I think there are pros and cons on all periods to live in.

The past would be awesome to experience at first hand some of earth's most changing events. Also I just love some of the beautiful dresses etc. - though I may feel differently after having to clad myself in all those layers (example Regency era). Also,lack of conveniences I'm used to such as an indoor toilet would be a real downer (though I guess if I were truly from that period I would be none the wiser :)).

Though there were no SS#, credit checks, and such in past times for proof of identity, most time periods were extremely superstitious and often justified their behavior by religious beliefs. Being crucified, staked, burned, or beheaded for sneezing the wrong way would just be a real bummer to my immortality status.

I much prefer present times and in the future. Getting fake identities could be pulled off and blending in to the crowd I think would be more easy. Society is more accepting of expressing individuality now than ever before. You could hang out a local goth club, or any other adult club and not be looked at twice - so easy meals ;). In the future, other species could even be accepted as the norm. They my even have conveniences of blood in a bottle or something similar :).

Pam S

FrankSandy said...

If I were immortal, I think I would want to live the present. I'd still like modern conveniences when I was awake.

Anonymous said...

I would want to live during the 1800s. It just seems to be most appropriate for an immortal.