Apr 12, 2010

Danielle Trussoni - Interview and Contest

A special PVN welcome to Danielle Trussoni author of the bestselling novel Angelology. Many thanks to Danielle for this interview.

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PVN: Please tell us about the research that went into writing Angelology - What sources did you use? What places did you visit? How long did it take?

Danielle: Research was a very big part of writing Angelology. I started off knowing that I wanted to set the book in three specific locations — A cave called The Devil’s Throat in Bulgaria, World War Two era Paris and New York. I had very little solid idea of how these locations would come together. And so, in the beginning stages of the book, I was searching for the story and for the details. I read a lot of books of theology. I sat in on a class about the history of religion. And I went and stayed at a convent where I discovered books about angels. This is what pushed me to choose angels.

PVN: Why pick the subject of angels? What fascinates you about them?

Danielle: Angels are fascinating for me on a bunch of different levels. First of all, there is the vast difference in the stereotypical idea we have of angels—the Hallmark card version of angels—and the very spooky, often dark angels that are described in the Bible and pseudoepigraphical writings such as the Book of Enoch. Then, there are the beautiful angels of Renaissance painting, which I fell in love with as I was doing research.  And finally, there is the fact that angels are everywhere—sculpted onto buildings, drawn in children’s books, hanging in museums, on key chains, tattooed on people’s arms. Angels are a huge phenomena in our culture.

PVN: What are the Nephilim?

Danielle: They are the half human, half angel offspring of the Watchers—a group of angels sent to spy on humanity in Genesis: 6—and woman.

PVN: Tell us about Sister Evangeline.

Danielle: Sister Evangeline is a 23 year old nun at my fictional convent whose parents were involved in a group called angelologists, whose mission it is to study and contain the Nephilim. She is deeply conflicted about her life in the convent, and when she begins to discover the Nephilim—and the truth about her history—her world changes.

PVN: How do the Nazi's figure into your story.

Danielle: The Nazi’s are one of the many historical groups that the Nephilim have leeched onto and used for their nefarious purposes. Essentially, the Nephilim infiltrate a group, use them and then discard them when they have served their purpose.

PVN: What can you tell us about the sequel to Angelology ?

Danielle: The sequel is called Angelopolis and it is a love story between Evangeline and Verlaine—a character introduced in Angelology . The novel is set in Paris.

PVN: What were your favorite books as a young reader?

Danielle: I love to read many, many different things. I loved The Phantom Tollbooth and Alice and Wonderland. I loved anything with a fantastical element to it.

PVN: You received great acclaim for your memoir, Falling Through the Earth. Would you tell us about this book?

Danielle: It is a memoir about my relationship with my father. It looks quite closely at the time my dad spent in Vietnam as a tunnel rat, and the effect this experience had on my family. You can learn more about it at: www.fallingthroughtheearth.com

PVN: What is your writing day and your writing environment like?

Danielle: I wake up, get my two children ready for school (I have a boy and a girl), eat something and then spend the morning writing. I usually make lunch and them am back at my desk. This is the typical day, but sometimes I work much more than this and other times less. It depends on where I am in a book.

PVN: What do you like to do in your spare time - assuming you have any?

Danielle: I love to cook. I’m living in France and this is the perfect place to teach yourself—the markets are simply amazing, and the wine and cheese is, of course, great. I haven’t had a whole lot of free time lately, but when I do I plan to get some hobbies.

PVN: Where can readers find you?

Danielle: The best place is on my website: www.danielletrussoni.com

PVN: Anything else you would like to add?

Danielle: Yes, I’d like to suggest to any readers who want to learn more about angelologists, and the work that they have been doing, you can go to the Angelological Academy’s homesite: www.angelologist.com. They have a course that you can sign up for and lots of extra information at the angelological mission.


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SiNn said...

everytime i read more of this iw ant to read this book sounds awesomm

one angel


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Tore said...

Gabriel and even Lucifer was an angel. I am very interested in reading about Angels. Would love to read this book. Please enter me in contest. Thank you.

Lorelei said...

Anael--angel influencing love, passion and sexuality. That's my kind of angel!

I follow you @ Google, have you in my side bar, and am an e-mail subscriber.

This book sounds awesome, and I'll have to pick up a copy if I don't win.

my e-mail is: lorelei_bell@peoplepc.com

Julie said...

Name an angel: Michael.
I'm a google follower, a fan on facebook, and email subscriber.


Rachel M said...

Uriel, who leads us to destiny.
Thank you for the contest!

Aik said...

The first angel to cross my mind is Gabriel.

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Total: 5

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Dot S. said...

I have loved angels for years. But it is only recently that I have understood that they are not all sweetness and light.

An angel name that comes to mind is Michael.

I follow & subscribe

tetewa said...

My favortie show is Supernatural and Castiel is an Angel on the show! tWarner419@aol.com

catslady said...

Michael was the first one that came to mind.


Martha Lawson said...

Very interesting interview. This sounds like a great book. I'd love to win it. My angel's name is:
Bath Kol - female angel of divine prophecy

I am a follower on google friend connect.
I am an email subscriber

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Susan Blexrud said...

I'd name my angel FRED. Oh, you wanted me to name an angel that already exists? Okay, how about Matthew, Chapter 28, verse 2...."the angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it."

Fascinating interview. Thanks, Danielle and Patricia. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. I'm a Google follower, member of the PVN Facebook page, and email subscriber.


Robin K said...

Angel: Olivia from and Falling, Fly

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Awesome contest! Thanks!

Nightingale said...

Semyaza, along with Azazel, a leader of the Grigori. I am very interested in angels as I write about the fallen kind too. Angelology sounds like a fascinating book that I must read. I think it's great the book is getting so much attention!
email: Nitethyme2003@yahoo.com

YzhaBella (aka Kate) said...

Great event! Thank you for hosting!

I've not had the opportunity to read many stories about angels. =(
I've heard many great things about Angelology and would love the opportunity to be entered for this great contest!

One movie angel that comes to mind for me is "Micheal" played by John Travolta. Micheal was a bit of an offbeat Angel, but the story line was great! Sad at times, funny at times, and really a neat story!

Shared Event link on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/YzhaBellas.BookShelf

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Have a great day every one!
Kate (aka YzhaBella's BookShelf)

Tanya said...

As predictable as this may sound the 1st name that I thought of was "Lucifer"

That angel has inspired many..many paranormal books :)

heatwave16 said...

I have to go with Michael as my angel.

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donnas said...

I have to go with Michael as well.

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blackroze37yahoo.com said...

of course
luficer, micheal,
well right now, im watching a old ep of supernatural, LOL so castiel? not sure real angel name, zacheria

im a email subsciber for long time

blackroze37yahoo.com said...

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etirv said...

Fallen angel: Lucifer!

Good angel: Duma - angel prince of dreams!

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evision said...

i've gone through this blog. i found it really interesting. nowadays im working and also studying in reputed college.

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Anonymous said...

Lassiter from the BDB series.

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kisah jackson said...


i soooo want to read this book! it sounds great!

i'm also a fan on facebook & subscribed to the email list.....



angie said...

Achaiah - He is a Seraphim, the angel of patience and discoverer of the secrets of nature.
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Sue A. said...

The name of an angel is Gabriel.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No need to enter me, babe. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for you.

J.T. Oldfield said...

An angel that comes to mind is Raphael (who is also an awesome painter and ninja turtle!). I follow you w/ Google Reader.


Christine said...

The only Angels I can think of are Micheal and Gabriel.
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Cathy M said...

Huge Supernatural fan, so my angel is Castiel.

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Christine H said...

Only know two Angels thats Micheal & Gabriel

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I posted on twitter

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Marc said...

An angel - MichaelANGELo or ANGELa Landsbury. Okay, maybe not. How about the angel Islington from the novel Neverwhere.

Also a follower on Google Friend Connect.

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Tore said...

I am an email subscriber. Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael are angels. Please enter me in contest. Thank you. Tore923@aol.com

catslady said...

I forgot to add that I'm a follower and subscriber.