May 7, 2010

Recent PVN Winners

The contest winner for a copy of Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin and Charlotte Bronte is Anna.

The question to answer was: Name a novel you would like to see given a vampire theme.

Gone with the Wind gathered the most mention. Others noted were A Christmas Carol; Outlander; Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca; and The Maltese Falcon. For a complete list go here


The contest winner for a copy of Orpheus: A Vampire's 
Rise by V. M. K. Fewings is Rhiannon Mills.

From the publisher: For a vampire, the journey from life to death is just the beginning. For Daumia Velde, this torment will take him from the savage bullfighting arenas of 15th century Spain, into the terrifying chambers of desolate mausoleums. From the darkest, winding, city streets of London into bohemian castles imbued with corridors of eternal secrets and endless lies, yet to be discovered. As Daumia hunts down his brother's murderer, he becomes entwined in the fateful love of the alluring Sunaria, the woman that will change his life forever. But as the blood spills and the love grows, Daumia finds that the price of revenge may be the very salvation of his soul. Struggling to hold on to the last remnants of his humanity, Daumia emerges from the underworld, rising out of the ashes of his past and evolving into the deadliest of killers, one that no mortal or immortal can resist.

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