May 21, 2009

Truth Justice and the Vampire Way - Review

Truth Justice and the Vampire Way
by Ashley Ladd
Ellora's Cave, April 22, 2009

This erotic story is filled with spice, humor, and romance. Vampire queen Genevieve and her would be consort Constantine think very highly of their vampire status. Too bad their numbers are dwindling. Their continuing feud with the werecats has put both communities at risk of extinction.

Genevieve decides it's time to bring in new blood - so to speak. While hunting one evening she spies a strong, good-looking young man and instantly decides he would be a perfect addition. Constantine can only stand by and glower. What the Queen wants the Queen gets. She swoops down pins him with her hypnotic eyes, and proceeds to use her sexual prowess before sucking blood from his chest. Tony Nelson is the fellow in question. Although he does not especially like the biting part he finds the rest quite enjoyable. In order to become a vampire Tony must drink from Genevieve which he does and enjoys it.

Unfortunately he refuses to drink mortal blood the vampire way. It turns out he is a vegetarian, and even worse has a great deal of sympathy to those still part of the human race. Before turning he had worked with disadvantaged kids, and he insists on doing it still even though he is now one of the undead.

Genevieve is beside herself. How can a vampire behave the way Tony is doing? Still, she hates to think of going to bed without his hard body nearby. What a dilemma!

The passion between Genevieve and Tony generates a lot of heat, but they are also believable characters with their own conflicting look at life. Ladd has created a credible, enticing, erotic world.

Read an excerpt.


Caffey said...

I think I have this book, going to check now. Too I wonder if more related books. Thanks on the review. Reminds me of ones I got but missed reading in ebook!

Patricia said...


Let me know what you find out. I have only read this one book by the author.