May 19, 2009

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest May 19, 2009

Author Sharon Ashwood, has her own monsterpedia that explains, in an entertaining way, the various supernatural beings in the world she created for the Dark Forgotten series. Book one is Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten (February 2009 from Signet Eclipse). Book two Scorched: The Dark Forgotten will appear in December 2009. Read an interview with Sharon Ashwood and a review of Ravenous.

"As a special promotion to celebrate the release of Ashes of Midnight, my publisher and I are offering a free e-book download of Book 1 in the series, Kiss of Midnight, from now until May 26th, the date when Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed Series) officially goes on sale. This is not a contest or a chance to win, just a cool, no-strings giveaway that's open to one and all."

Read an essay with Angela Knight one of the best writers of erotic fantasy today.

"Lunch with The Robot Driver: Adventures in Hero Construction"

Lately people have been e-mailing me with two questions:

1. "Do you have a list of your 'Mageverse' series in order?" For the record, I do, here on my website.

2. "Will there be more 'Mageverse' books?" Well, of course. I've just written a novella called "The Vampire's Ball," for an October release, Hot for the Holidays. And now I'm hard at work on the sixth book in the series, Master of Fire....

IROSF (The Internet Review of Science Fiction)
has an interview with writers Steve and Melanie Tam

"Steve and Melanie Tem are rare birds in the writing profession. Each has carved a successful and distinguished name in both short stories and novels, but they are also known for their successful and compelling collaborations, the most famous being the novella (2000) and then novel (2008) The Man on the Ceiling."... Read more

I don't know how I missed this but in March author Marta Acosta posted on Vampire Wire this very important information on David Boreanaz - Angel on Buffy and FBI Agent Seeley Booth on Bones.

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