May 6, 2009

Sins and Shadows - Review

Sins & Shadows
by Lyn Benedict
Ace (April 28, 2009)

[Reviewed by Breia Brickey]

Sylvie Lightner is no ordinary PI. She specializes in cases involving the unusual and unbelievable, in a world where magic is real, where hell is just around the corner--and where death isn't the worst thing that can happen to you...

When one of her employees is murdered in front of her, Sylvie has had enough. After years of confounding the dark forces of the Magicus Mundi, she's closing up shop. But wanting to quit and actually quitting are two different things. Because when a god asks you for a favor, saying no isn't and option.

A man claiming to be the god of Justice wants Sylvie to find his lost lover. And if she doesn't agree to help, her family, her friends, and the world will suffer the consequences.

Tracked by real-world government agents, hunted by her many enemies from the darkness, and drawn ever deeper into a labyrinth of evil deeds and immortal powers. Sylvie must find her quarry before she finds the truth about herself.Because in her line of work, the truth can set you free...and then it can kill you.

Lyn Benedict has crafted a story filled with many fantastic characters that keep you enthralled from beginning to end. This was very well written and I actually had an odd reaction to reading this story, I felt myself being drawn into the story. For over 300 pages I was Sylvie, I was going through everything that she went through. There aren't many authors who can pull their readers into a story so thoroughly. For this reason alone I will definitely be a Lyn Benedict reader from this point forward.

Reviewed for Patricia's Vampire Notes by Breia Brickey


SciFiGuy said...

I just got this in today and am looking forward to it. Your review makes it seems especially enticing.

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Doug

This review was written by Breia one of the reviewers helping me to get through a backlog of books.

Sins and Shadows looked so interesting I hated to part with it, but I also had to be realistic.

I feel lucky to have Breia and 3 others working with me.

I'll have to read Sins and Shadows on my own.

Caffey said...

I had a note about this book to check it out. Now I know to get it too! Thanks.

Patricia Altner said...


Hope you enjoy it!