May 26, 2009

Interview - Rosemary Laurey

"Best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey (AKA Georgia Evans)is an expatriate Brit, retired special ed teacher and grandmother, who now lives in Ohio and has a wonderful time writing stories of vampires and shapeshifting pumas."

Many readers will be familiar with Rosemary's vampire romances. The most recent being Midnight Lover (The Vampire Series, Book 5).

She is still writing about vampires but this time the setting is England during the Second World War, and the undead are helping the Nazi's prepare for a German invasion. The title of her new book is Bloody Good and she uses the pseudonym Georgia Evans.

She recently took time to answer questions about this book and about herself.

Thanks so much Rosemary!

PVN: Why the use of a pseudonym?
Rosemary: It was a marketing decision by my publisher since these books are Fantasy instead of Romance.

PVN: Why the setting of WW II England?
Rosemary: My editor asked for a WW2 book. Surrey seemed the obvious setting to me- I grew up in the Mole Valley and that area was significant in the German invasion plans.

PVN: What was it like doing research for this book?
Rosemary: Wonderful! And yes, I made two trips back to Surrey to refresh my memory as to the topography and several locations. Brytewood is imaginary but based on reality. Also made a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London, did a lot of reading from contemporary diaries as well as fiction and nonfiction (there's a bibliography on the Brytewood web site) and the BBC WW2 web site., picked a lot of brains of relatives and friends for memories and details and had masses of detailed help from the Museum in Leatherhead.

PVN: Describe your vampires in this new series? I have the sense that not all are evil.
Rosemary: Well, from the point of view of the Brits they are- they are the enemy but from their point of view they are patriotic Germans doing their bit for victory. They are in fact tools of the German High Command.

PVN: What attracts you to the paranormal?
Rosemary: I'm going to be a bit vague here. I write the stories that pop into my brain and where they come from, who knows?

PVN:What are some of the Other paranormal characters that you have in your universe?
Rosemary: two Devon Pixies (one full blooded one half human)
Two welsh Dragons
A witch
An elf
A shape shifting fox ( a wolf would have been noticed in Surrey!)
A water sprite

Not all appear in the first book, some join the action as it progresses.

PVN: What is the difference (if any) between the vampires in the Rosemary Laurey romances and the vampires in this new series?
Rosemary: Vamps in the 'Forever' books are Romantic heroes (apart from the two villains that is) The Brytewood vamps are driven and mission focussed spies. No romance for them.

PVN: Describe your writing environment?
Rosemary: I have a small but light upstairs room with three long windows and masses of natural light. (There's a photo on my Rosemary Laurey web site)

PVN: Do you write full time?
Rosemary: Pretty much- promo takes a fair bit of time too but writing is my full time employment these days.

PVN: What writers inspire you?
Rosemary: This could be an endless list ☺

I love Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. Enjoy Saki's twisted short stories, and adore Anita Burgh's Contemporaries (particulary Clare's War) which is fantastic IMO. Kim Harrison's Hollows books. Have just started re reading Dickens and Thomas Hardy. Am finishing Particia Brigg's Iron Kissed and am about to reread MM Kay's Far Pavillions. A really mixed bag!

PVN: What do you do to relax?
Rosemary: Reading, sewing knitting, gardening and cooking - also enjoy visiting my sons and grandchildren who are scattered across the US. And of course I love going back to the UK whenever I can.

PVN: How do readers find you on the internet?

Rosemary: via my web sites

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Now for the contest.

Two lucky commenters will each win a signed copy of Bloody Good

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tina werner said...

i haven't ready any vampire books set in the past, i've only read ones set in the present... sounds really interesting!!! love to win a copy, thanks for the opportunity!

stampitchick at yahoo dot ca

Indigo said...

Questions for the author:

If you weren't writing full time, what would you see yourself doing to fill the time instead?

Given a choice would you prefer to write in just one genre? Romance or Fantasy?

Thanks for the opportunity! Indigo


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had a pseudonym. How did you come up with the name Georgia Evans?

Shooting Stars Mag said...

This book sounds amazing. I love the fact that these vampires aren't romantic heroes. It's nice to see something different. I would love to start reading this seriess!!

As for a questions: Do you listen to music when you write? Or do you find certain music works best for this particular novel (an artist or a song)?

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

bridget3420 said...

This books sounds like my cup of tea. I'm a huge paranormal fan. I'm a huge Kim Harrison fan too:)


bridget3420 said...

I linked to this contest on my sidebar:


em18966 said...

Would you say that the atmosphere of this book is more like the Anne Rice books, or does it feel more contemporary even though it set in the WWII era?

Also, if you are looking for good vampire reads, try the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton. They are full of shapeshifters, too. They are much darker than the Sookie Stackhouse-ish books though.


Kat Bryan said...

World War II novels seem to be popular these days. What next, huh? And of course, vampires are always a fave. Your book sounds interesting. Will take a better peek.

Thanks for the posting.

Kat Bryan,

SciFiGuy said...

I really love the concept and there are so few paranormals featuring vampires with historical settings. Very much looking forward to this series. I visited the War Museum on a visit to England years ago. What an awesome place.

Ladytink_534 said...

I think this sounds like such an ineresting book! Pixies, dragons, a witch, an elf, an shapeshifter, and even a water sprite? Wow! I love the setting too. Plus, she obviously has great taste in books (love Charlaine Harris SO much) that I simply have to pick this up. Thanks for the interview!

Oh, I have a question. What do you think Alice is doing right now? Relaxing with a book? Drinking tea? If so what book and which kind? (fictional titles are always cool). Thank you!

Bridget said...

Just posted on Win a Book. Thanks!

Kimberly B. said...

My question for Rosemary/Georgia is: why do you think vampires are so popular these days?
This book sounds great, and I really appreciate the research that went into it!

kim said...
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kim said...

I love how this book was written in the past--I'm definitely going to check these books out. Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison are two of my favorite authors too.

Alexa said...

Are any of the personalities of the characters in your books based on your friends/family?


Rosemary Laurey said...

Heaven alone knows - I'm rather addicted ti writing.
Gardening and Cooking come a close second so I'd probably be doing one or the other but I can't see how I'd earn money at them.

I enjoy writing in different genres

Rosemary Laurey said...

Night Dweller is was a combined effort.
I picked Madeleine Evans (my middle name and my dh's middle name
My editor didn't like Madeleine and suggested Georgia .Since my dh's name is George- he was thrilled so it stick

Rosemary Laurey said...

Shooting Stars:

I like it as quiet as possible when I'm writing, Peaceful utter quiet.

Rosemary Laurey said...

I love Kim Harrison's too. Fantastic series.

Rosemary Laurey said...


I tried hard to make the atmosphere that of the 40s- sort of hard since I wasn't born until the war was over but I did read a lot of contemporary novels and reporting to get a feel for the mindset.

Rosemary Laurey said...

Interestingly, the popular editorial wisdom is that contemporary paranormals sell but historical ones don't.
I hope that proves wrong with my Bloody Books

Rosemary Laurey said...

Since right now, Alice must be 99 years old I imagine she's entertaining her great great grandchildren with tales of the war.

Rosemary Laurey said...

Good lord, no Alexa! THey are all figments of my imagination

chey said...

Vampires and WW2. I've got to read this book!

tetewa said...

My favorite genre to read is Paranormal with vamps being my favorites. I'm always looking for new authors and series in this genre, yours sound great!

Susan Blexrud said...

Bloody Good sounds, well, bloody good. As a vampire writer myself, I've been thinking lately about the circulatory and respiratory systems of these undead hotties. Do your vampires have hearts? Do they breathe?

gaby317 said...

this sounds like such a fun read with all the magical creatures - water sprite, dragons, vampires...

How did you decide to set the story during WWII?

How different is it writing fantasy versus romance?

gaby317nyc AT gmail DOT com

donnas said...

Great interview. Sounds like its going to be a interesting series to read.

I know there are 3 books listed right now, are you planning on more after those?

Kim Harrison is one of my favorites too. Her series and the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong got me back interested into paranormals. Now thats most of what I read. Always looking to pick up a new author or series.

Thanks for taking the time for the interview and answering questions.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Kytaira said...

Oh Wow, I didn't know you had another pseudonym! You sure are one versatile author! I'm lucky enough to have found your books way back when under another publisher in trade size.

What's the next book you are going to work on?

Llehn said...

Ooooo ... I would love to get my hands on a copy of your book! It sounds so intriguing!

Question : Do you have any bad habits that get in the way of writing that you have yet to overcome?


Valorie said...

Oooo, history and vampires in one. I love WWII.

Question: Do the vampires like being tools of the Germans? Why would they agree to do something of that sort?



Scrap girl said...

Vampires in WW2 - fabulous.

Question to author - what made you emigrate to America and how did you find the change from Surrey?

Can I enter if it is international comp as I am in England and I usually miss out on the comps if they are only US and Canada.

Vyrdolak said...

Wow, this sounds like a fascinating concept! I want to read this--especially because Rosemary has direct hands-on knowledge of the geographical region. I know a few vampire stories set in WWII, but they're not common. It's a refreshing switch from all the vampires in Victorian (Dracula) or 18th century (Anne Rice) venues!

Vickie said...

This is going to be the best summer! I have this series to look forward to. I added it to the Wanton Wantin' Book List when Patricia reviewed it not long ago and highlighted it when Becky of No More Grumpy Bookseller blog gave it a fab rating today.

I love the premise of the series being set during WWII and that the vampires are working for/with the Nazis.

What was the starting decision to become an author? How long of a writing day do you put in?

Vickie said...

VWinship at aol dot com

Rosemary Laurey said...


The vamps (who are German) agreed to work for the
High Command because a) they had kin who were under German power and b0 they saw this as a wonderful chance to establish their own little fiefs after the invasion

Rosemary Laurey said...

I started writing because I had three sons in college and was pinched for money. I thought - in my total ignorance- it would be a quick way to make some extra money
By the time I realised it didn't quite work that way, I was hooked,
I finally sold a book just after my youngest graduate

Rosemary Laurey said...

Scrap Girl

I moved her because I married a native. My dh is from SC.
As for different from Surrey- some states are like living on another planet.

Rosemary Laurey said...

Susan B:

My German vamps breath and have hearts, but not living auras.

Fantasy Dreamer said...

A vampire book based in the WWII time period is certainly a different twist to most of the vamp books out now. Really like that idea. Also, like your list of the different paranormal creatures, nice to see a mixture. Thank you for the interview, nice insights.

Cynthya said...

Bloody Good sounds great to me. I love the idea of a WWII setting, certainly unusual in fantasy. I love your vampire books and look forward to seeing how this series is different.

BTW, my DH's name is George, too, so I am very fond of that name!

Sam said...

This looks like a terrific read - what a great idea!!
My question for Rosemary - what did the Germans offer to the undead to make them decide to pitch for their team?

Marie said...

I haven't read many books set in WWII and certainly not any that include vampires -- sounds very interesting, I would love to read it. I love Charlaine Harris's books also. Do you enjoy doing all the promo work or does it just make you antsy to get back to writing?

sundcarrie said...

Sounds fun, a shapeshifting fox...I am so into that

sundcarrie said...

Forgot the email darknovels1 at yahoo dot com

Cinnamon said...

Here's my question: What's the one thing you absolutely cannot do without at your writing space?

This is linked from:


Rosemary Laurey said...

Sam: As for how the Germans controlled the vamps- they held their blood kin in a camp- keeping them starved of blood to leave them weak and in danger of extinction.

Rosemary Laurey said...

I enjoy promo and signings and so forth. You just have to pace yourself to be sure there's time for writing too

Rosemary Laurey said...


Coffee! the Elixir of life- and of course my laptop :

Patricia said...


Thanks for this terrific interview!

And a big Thank You to all readers and contest participants!

Contest winners are Valorie and Llehn.

Rosemary Laurey said...

to Sundcarrie

I made Gloria a were fox because you'd hardly have a wolf roaming the Surrey Hills

Rosemary Laurey said...