May 4, 2009

Blood Blade - Vampire Book Review

Blood Blade (Skinners, Book 1)
By Marcus Pelegrimas
Eos (January 27, 2009)

[Reviewed by Melissa A. Palmer]

Blood Blade is the first book in the Skinners series. This book crams a ton of paranormal figures into one book—vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and vampire slayers all make an appearance. These figures are called by different names so learning the lingo is key. Vampires are called Nymars. A parasitic spore attached to someone’s heart, apparently causes vampires, or Nymars. This spore causes a great thirst for blood. Werewolves are called Full Bloods. Shape shifters are Half Bloods or Mongrels. They have the ability to change shape but they are not as powerful as Full Bloods. Vampire slayers are termed Skinners. They hunt the rogue vampires and werewolves who attack humans.

Cole learns this lingo the hard way—by a violent crash course. He goes away for a hunting weekend (this is a manly pursuit for a man whose work is to create video games). The hunting party is attacked by what turns out to be a Full Blood. Cole does not know it at the time, but two Skinners are killed during this attack. He promises one to make it to Chicago to deliver a weapon, the Blood Blade, to a skinner named Paige.

Paige is one tough chick. She teaches Cole some fighting techniques and explains to him the happenings of a world he never knew existed. Paige and Cole band together to kill the psychotic head vampire and his secret weapon, Henry, a monster mish mash who is killing everything in sight. It is the ultimate struggle between good vs. evil.

This book has plenty of action in it. Paige is a great action heroine. Cole is a good, unlikely hero. The two of them share a strong sexual chemistry that should be explored as the series progresses. I enjoyed this book and would continue to read the series.

This review was written for Patricia's Vampire Notes
by Melissa A. Palmer

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