May 30, 2009

A Bloody Good Cruise - Vampire Novel Review

A Bloody Good Cruise
by Diana Rubino
Eternal Press, March 2009

[Reviewed by Patricia]

Mona Rossi is a romance writer whose recent books haven't been selling like they used to. What to do? Perhaps a luxury cruise for romance writers. Mona knows she can easily put something like this together, and she does.

Being with so many talented writers is certain to give her ideas for a new dynamite series. Also a cruise will be a way to have some fun time with Fausto, the special, gorgeous vampire guy in her life. It just so happens Fausto works as a ship's doctor for the cruise line. With this perfect setup what could go wrong? Plenty of course.

A band of vampire hunters have Fausto on their radar. This particularly nasty group, referred to by the vamps as Vampire Ball Busters, believe all such beings are the essence of evil and should be eradicated. To further complicate matters Fausto's former wife, the infamous Lucrezia Borgia, is onboard. She insists that their divorce was never legal therefore he should leave that human, Mona, and return to Italy to live with her, Lucrezia.

Many more complications arise in this lively, comic adventure cum romance. A fun treat for a lazy afternoon.

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