Aug 11, 2008

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest August 11, 2008

"Dragon*Con Dark Fantasy is a programming track held during Dragon*Con Atlanta's premiere festival for the popular arts. As the name indicates, Dark Fantasy focuses on horror, vampires, paranormal romance, and gothic entertainment. Dragon*Con 2008 will be held during Labor Day weekend, Aug. 29 - Sept. 1. The Dark Fantasy programming will take place in the Montreal/Vancouver and Cairo rooms at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta." Find out more information at the blog site.

Cathy Clamp c0-author of the vampire novel Touch of Darkness (Thrall, Book 3) writes about the Paranormal on the blog site Paranormality.

The podcast that goes bump in the night. "We interview experts, psychics and authors on everything from UFOs to crop circles -- if its paranormal you willl hear it on Paranormal Podcast. Explore the unknown with your host Jim Harold."

On August 8, 2008 Harold interviewed S. E. Schlosser author of a continuing series that tell stories of the paranormal on a state by state basis.

In Twilight's Shadow (Book 2 in the Light Warrior series) by Patti O'Shea (Tor, June, 2008) is a paranormal romance mystery. Book 1 is In the Midnight Hour (Tor, 2007)
Read and e
xcerpt of Twilight's Shadow.

Watch the trailer:

On the Far Side Contest.

Deadline extended until August 22nd!! So get your entries ready and send them in!!

FF&P's On the Far Side contest for unpublished authors is in need of entries, especially in the romantic elements and erotica categories! Final round judges are acquiring editors and agents of all genres of paranormal romance. Take this opportunity to get your best work in front of:

Time Travel: Margo Lipschultz (Harlequin, Luna)
General Paranormal: Erika Tsang (Avon)
Romantic Elements: Lois Winston (Ashley Grayson)
Futuristic: Stacy Boyd (Harlequin)
Erotic: Caren Johnson (Caren Johnson Lit. Agency)
Fantasy: Deborah Werksman (Sourcebooks)
Young Adult: Scott Eagan (Greyhaus Lit. Agency)

For more information see post of July 25, 2008

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