Aug 21, 2008

Jeanne Stein Interview - Upcoming Event

On Tuesday August 26 there will be an interview with Jeanne C. Stein author of the Anna Strong Chronicles. Legacy, book 4, hits the stands the same day as the interview.

Jeanne has generously offered copies of Legacy with cover magnets to two lucky readers.

Click here for a review of the series.


Storeetllr said...

I read your reviews, and this series sounds good! Sign me up to win Legacy, please. Of course, if I win, that means I have to go out and buy the first three. There's method to the madness of giving away free copies! :)

Patricia said...

Will do and thanks for the link to this site!

RoyalBlue said...

Wow, this series sounds great from your reviews. Thanks for showing me some hot new reading.

Especially looking forward to the interview with the author!


Patricia said...

Jeanne really is a terrific writer!

Thanks for writing.

Kate said...

I'm intrigued by this character and would like to add this series to my readings in this genre.

I'm also intrigued by the mix of vulnerability (the psychological scars) and the invincibility. This seems to be a more prevalent theme in recent vampire literature and vampire television shows (Angel, Mick St. John).

Or has this always been the case...has there always been a vulnerability in vampire characters? And if not, why do you think we have been seeing more of that recently?