Aug 27, 2008

August book contest and Winners of Legacy

My thanks to Jeanne Stein for a great interview and for generously offering a copy of Legacy with cover magnets to two readers.

I also want to thank everyone who came by and participated with comments, questions and/or links.

The two winners are: ReadingIsSoMuchFun and LizK

I will contact the winners with details for claiming their prize.

For everyone else remember all email subscribers are eligible for the monthly book drawing. The August selection is a copy
of The Outlaw Demon Wails (Rachel Morgan book 6) by Kim Harrison. (Eos, 2008).

Each month there is a drawing for a different title.


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Patricia, thank you so very much. This is a wonderful/awesome surprise WooHoo! I am very excited to be one of the lucky winners for Jeanne's book Legacy. I look forward to reading Legacy. Congratulations to LizK as well YaY!

Thank You so much Jeanne & Patricia.


Vamprowler said...

Big big big big big fan of Jeanne's. Vv-vV