Aug 13, 2008

Vampire Plagues: Mexico, 1850 - Review

I am not familiar with this particular book, but I thought the reviewer had an interesting perspective. I also liked the reason why the review was written. In fact I think it's a great idea! WARNING - SPOILERS!

Vampire Plagues (book 3) Mexico, 1850

The following is a review from Igor, who read this title and wrote the review for us in order to reduce his fines at the library. In some instances we allow teens to work off their fines at a rate of $5.00 per hour. Please contact the Teen staff at the Carnegie Library in Oakland if you are interested!

I haven’t read the first book or the second book, but after reading this book I wanted to read all 3 books, the book is about three children who have this “mission” to stop this vampire lord (camazots) and he wants to rule the world with his vampire demons, as I had discovered he is a Mayan god and eventually was sealed for one thousand years, that was a thousand years ego, and now he has a small army of minions to do his bidding, he wants a amulet that will grant him power beyond all others so he must collect the 4 parts to it: the bat, the eye, the crown, and the moon, the bat is the form he takes, the crown is his rule over earth, the eye is to make him all seeing and the moon is to turn the world into full darkness, so after getting that understood the book is not bad but I got to admit I did not like the ending for there was not a battle but a trick, the vampire lord was tricked into assembling the amulet the wrong way and so he and his followers died by lightning…

good or bad? The book was good for it had me interested, but the plot was not good and the ending was a turnoff so I would say the book has a 4 star review from me.

-Igor (teen reviewer)

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Elke said...

I have read all of the Vampire Plagues books and think it is one of the better vampire series for young readers.

The author has his very own and original explanation for the origin of vampires and consequently spins his tales around this premise.

Though the writing aims at young readers the books will surely please vampire fans of all ages.

Patricia said...

It is so true that many books that publishers market to younger readers can be thoroughly enjoyed by adults!

Thanks for commenting!