Aug 5, 2008

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Ghost Writer

Katherine Ramsland talks about her hair-raising experiences tape-recording the voices of the dead and photographing ectoplasm.

By Suzy Hansen

This article was posted on October 31, 2001


The following article comes from American Chronicle

Vampires and Shipwreks in Whitby, North Yorkshire.
Cheney Anne Markun

About the author:
Cheney Anne Markun is an English writer, currently based in Windsor, Berkshire. Her main passion is for travel - and writing about it! Cheney is also a vegetarian and has written several peices about this aspect of travel, hoping to help other veggies to travel with more confidence. Cheney also writes fiction and is currently finishing her first full length novel. In case you wondered, the first name is pronounced like Shaynee - it just has a weird English spelling!

Cheney Anne Markun
July 28, 2008
I woke up suddenly to the sound of heavy rain crashing against the windows of the bed and breakfast, and quickly pulled the blankets more tightly around me. As I wondered whether the frail window frames of this 17th century building would stand up to much more of this sort of treatment, the night sky outside erupted with the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard in my life and, as the noise reverberated around the narrow cobbled streets and bounced off the fronts of the old stone houses, I understood why the town of Whitby has a reputation for being just a little bit scary... Read more


Bye-bye, Buffy!

Let's salute "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" greatest accomplishment: A girl who not only kicked ass, but rejected the lonely-guy way of being a superhero... Read more

By Laura Miller July 29, 2008


After All the Funerals, a Prime-Time Auteur Dig Up the Undead

Published: August 3, 2008


John P. Johnson/HBO

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin in the new HBO series “True Blood,” based on Charlaine Harris’s books.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, center, on the set with Alan Ball, the executive producer, writer and director of “True Blood.”

ALAN BALL, seeking a break from the stress and high expectations that had accompanied the winding down of the high-profile series he created for HBO, the existential, darkly comic “Six Feet Under,” set in a Pasadena funeral home, was just looking for a light, entertaining diversion three years ago when he started reading Charlaine Harris’s “Southern Vampire” mysteries. Read more....


Darque Reviews offers an interview with Caitlin Kittredge author of Pure Blood (St Martin's, August 28, 2008.

Kittredge answers questions about her new release as well at book one in the series, Night Life (St Martin's, March 2008).


Interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Author of the Saint-Germain Series
Written by Vrydolok
Published May 22, 2008 in Blogcritics magazine.

"Yarbro is best known for her meticulously researched works of historical horror fiction, especially the novels and collections featuring her character Count Ragoczy Saint-Germain. One of the first completely sympathetic and moral vampire protagonists to appear in literature, Saint-Germain broke popular vampire fiction away from the Dracula model and established the foundation for the modern vampire romance. Since his debut in Hotel Transylvania in 1978, Saint-Germain has appeared in more than twenty books, with Number Twenty-two, Dangerous Climate, scheduled to be released by Tor in September, 2008." Read more.....


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