Jan 6, 2010

Upcoming Event - Tony-Paul de Vissage Guest Blogger

Tony-Paul de Vissage the author of the vampire novel Dark God Descending (Sam's Dot Publishing, 2009) will visit PVN this Friday January 8.  He will give you his take on the undead and is offering one lucky reader a download of his book "Two Vampire Tales".

Dark God Descending is the story of a friendship--between two men separated by millennia, cultures, and customs. Threatened by their love for the same woman, it is strengthened when they share something more precious--their lifesblood--and from that time on, their lives and fates will be inextricably bound...for eternity. James Tucker Upchurch III is a graduate student, studying the past but living very much in the present. Semris the Second is a demon, the son of a god, and his life has been the same for five thousand years. Tuck never expected to lose his girl to a demon or get near-immortality in exchange and Semris never thought he'd experience mortal love. When the two meet, not only their own lives but those of their friends and families will also be changed, as well as the world in which Semris dwells.

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