Jan 4, 2010

Scorched - Book Review

Scorched: The Dark ForgottenScorched 
by Sharon Ashwood
Signet Eclipse, December 1, 2009,

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From the publisher:
"Ex-detective Macmillan always had a taste for bad girls, but his last lover really took the cake—and his humanity. Now half-demon, Mac's lost his friends, his family and his job.

But Constance, a strangely innocent vampire trapped in the supernatural Castle prison, needs his help. Her son has been kidnapped, so suddenly Mac has a case to work—one that embroils him with a mad sorcerer, an even madder city council, and a winged love god. The trail leads deep into the supernatural prison, and Mac soon learns that cracking the case will cost him his last scrap of his humanity.

Fiery, vulnerable Constance will do anything for those she loves, including Mac. He'll be damned if he turns his back on her… and a demon forever if he doesn't."

PVN:  Sharon Ashwood has a way of coming up with complex characters and intricate plots all the while keeping the reader completely engrossed in every nuance of the story.

Her second book in the Dark Forgotten series brings back the half-demon ex-cop Conall Macmillan. One hunky, macho guy who continually battles to keep his humanity front and center and his demon in check. He is also one truly nice fellow who as a former cop found his greatest satisfaction in helping people.

Then there is the gentle Constance a half vampire who never fully turned, and has lived all of her long, undead existence in the strange environs of the Castle. Not until her son, the young incubus Sylvius, is kidnapped does she realize her own resolute strength. The powerful witch Holly and her soul-mate the luscious vampire enforcer Alessandro (heroes of Ravenous) play important, although secondary, roles in Scorched . Mac and Constance overcome many difficulties before being able to reach out to one another in order to save the life of Sylvius, and, as it turns out, many others within the Castle.

I must add that the first time Constance and Mac make love is one of the most sensuous scenes in recent urban fantasy memory. Not to be missed!!

Ashwood creates an ensemble of paranormal creature, all fully realized and memorable. She is a born storyteller.  As in Ravenous any angst or horror is leavened with dollops of humor. In fact it is the hunky demon Mac with his sardonic view of life who has the best lines.

Read an excerpt of Scorched

Unchained (Book 3 of The Dark Forgotten) by Sharon Ashwood will be released July 6, 2010.


Mandi said...

I enjoyed this book and think the world and The Castle are so fun to read!

I was not a huge fan of Mac and Contance's romance, but still very much looking forward to the next book :)

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Mandi

The Castle is truly a unique, fascinating place! As for the Mac & Constance romance - different strokes for different folks ;)

Great to hear from you!