Jan 26, 2010

Upcoming Event - Laurie Rauch of Samhain Publishing Plus Contest

On Thursday January 28  Laurie Rauch Executive Editor of Samhaim Publishing will visit PVN to answer your questions about the publishing world

Have your questions ready!  You can send them to me now - paltner@verizon.net or leave them in the comments area. I will pass them on to her.

Of course you can also ask them Thursday. Laurie will be dropping by throughout the day. She is also offering 2 commenters a digital book. The contest is international!

Samhaim Publishing  launched in November 2005 and was founded with a
goal of bringing to compulsive readers books that allow them to
discover new worlds and be taken on adventures through the creative
minds of today’s brightest authors. Primarily a digital publisher,
Samhain also publishes print versions, which turn our stories—and
beautiful cover art—into something to touch and hold and love.


Diane Huey said...

Thanks for another pithy post from Pat! You always give us Type A+!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Patricia, can I ask the publishing firm, what is the first step for a new author? Copyrighting your work first? Finding a company to edit? Just any tips for new authors would be great.

Roxie said...

looking forward to this, very interested in her opinion about the rising tide of interest in vampires (swings like a pendulum over the decades), and what the next generation of readers want.

Aristella's World said...

Hi Patricia;
I have written several stories but have not submitted then to anyone. I would like to know what Ms. Rauch is looking for in new submissions? Also how does Samhain do their submission process?
Teresa Miller