Feb 25, 2010

Recently Completed Contests and Their Winners on PVN

This month PVN has been lucky enough to host several contests including a chance to win a copy of Gentlemen Prefer Succubi; Ecstasy Unveiled ; and Love Fang.

Contest sponsored by Pocket Books for Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

Readers were asked to answer the following question: Does the guy on the cover look like a gentleman to you, why or why not?

There were several interesting responses. Here is a sampling:

"Gee, I'm hoping he's a gentleman. Is he available?"

"He has a handsome, fine featured face and that's enough to make him a gentleman to me. And with that bod who cares if he isn't, lol."

"Sorry but he is no gentleman, his eyes tell the story. He is too concerned about what he wants, for himself to be a gentleman. That doesn't mean he wouldn't be a great lay, just that he would quickly fall asleep afterward, and snore ungentlemanly."

"No, he looks like a very bad boy to me!! Can I have him??"

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Using Random.org 2 names were selected.
Congratulations to winners: Anna ♥  and Roxanne Rhoads

Contest sponsored by Forever Books for Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica Series) by Larissa Ione

Readers were asked to respond to the following quesiton?

What do you think of the tattoo on Seminus's right arm and shoulder (see cover)?

Some thoughts:

"I like the tat but I think it should be a little brighter or sharper looking. It looks washed out."

"Location, location, location… I don’t think it’s all about the design but perhaps about the placement of it that represents something about him. That being said, I find the tattoo very appealing it is full intricate details."

 "I usually don't like guys with large tattoos like this. But it looks good on the cover. I'd like to think that it will be worked into the story."

"I see the tattoo as a mark of an assassin. Anyone who sees it, knows what he is."

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Using Random.org 2 names were selected:
Congratulations to winners Bethie  and  justpeachy36

Please send your mailing address to me at patriciaaltner(at)gmail(dot)com
I will forward this information to Forever Books

Contest for a signed copy of the humorous vampire romance book Love Fang by Susan Blexrud

Congratulations to winners Virginia C and Stephmartin71

Be sure to try Susan's delicious recipe for Choco-Kahlua Pound Cake

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