Feb 19, 2010

Upcoming Event - Barbara Monajem Guest Blog and Contest

On Feb. 23  Barbara Monajem, author of  vampire novel Sunrise in a Garden of Love and Evil (Love Spell, March 30, 2010), will visit PVN. She will offer one commenter a signed copy of her excellent new book.

About Barbara:  I live in Georgia and spend a lot of time in south Louisiana, so now I have roots in the southern U.S. as well. I love the dense, humid air (well, usually), the lightning bugs and kudzu (so spooky), the live oaks and resurrection fern. On my first trip to Louisiana, I succumbed to the magic of New Orleans. I love it all: Bourbon Street, beignets and the levee, the Mardi Gras parades, the spicy food and hot nights, the dark and lovely moods of the French Quarter, and the swamps to the north. New Orleans is my inspiration for the funky little town of Bayou Gavotte, with its fetish clubs... and vampires... and who knows what else.


Being irresistible sucks. Ophelia Beliveau learned that at puberty. When her friends grew breasts, she sprouted fangs as well. The effect on boys was even more dangerous.
Ophelia's peril has only increased. As a woman, there's been only one solution, but she can’t avoid men forever. Solitude satisfies no craving, and now her self-imposed exile must end. A vandal has destroyed her garden. A web of blackmail and murder is being woven across town, with Ophelia at its heart. And then there’s Gideon O’Toole, a detective sworn to uncover more secrets than she thirsts to bare…

Bayou Gavotte Series,
Book One


jellybelly82158 said...

This sounds like a great book. I haven't heard of it before but I will have to get it for my must read stack.
Julie S

Patricia Altner said...

Hi Julie
I recently finished this book and truly loved it.