Feb 6, 2010

Paranormal Books Found at the Library

Whenever I visit the library I like to browse the new book section for anything that might be of interest to paranormal readers. Here's a selection of what I found on a recent trip.

Decay Inevitable
by Conrad A. Williams
Solaris, 2009

From the publisher: Decay Inevitable is a novel charting the grim territories of the shadow line that trembles at the very end of life.  These are badlands of horrifying dreams and demons where a black market in unspeakable goods takes place.  A race is on to unearth the secrets of the soul... secrets woven into the fabric of death itself.

Vampire Darcy's Desire: A Pride and Prejudice Adaptation
by Regina Jeffers
Ulysses Press, 2009

From the publisher: In Austen's original novel, Darcy and Elizabeth are compelled to overcome countless obstacles — but that's nothing compared to what they face in Vampire Darcy’s Desire. This inventive, action-packed novel tells of a tormented Darcy who comes to "Netherfield" to escape the intense pressure on him to marry. Dispirited by his family's 200-year curse and his fate as a half-human/half-vampire dampir, Darcy would rather live forever alone than inflict the horrors of a vampire life on a beautiful wife. Destiny has other plans. Darcy meets Elizabeth and finds himself yearning for her as a man and driven to possess her as a vampire. Uncontrollably drawn to each other, their complex relationship forces them to confront their pride and prejudice like never before and to wrestle with the seductive power of forbidden love. Meanwhile, dark forces are at work all around them. Most ominous is the threat from George Wickham, the purveyor of the curse, a demon who vows to destroy each generation of Darcys and currently has evil intentions for the vulnerable Georgiana.

My Dead Body
by Charlie Huston
Del Rey (October 13, 2009)


Just ask Joe Pitt. After exposing the secret source of blood for half of Manhattan’s Vampyres, he’s definitely a dead man walking. He’s been a punching bag and a bullet magnet for every Vampyre Clan in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, not to mention a private eye, an enforcer, an exile, and a vigilante, but now he’s just a target with legs.

For a year he’s sloshed around the subway tunnels and sewers, tapping the veins of the lost, while above ground a Vampyre civil war threatens to drag the Clans into the sunlight once and for all. What’s it gonna take to dig him up? Just the search for a missing girl who’s carrying a baby that just might be the destiny of Vampyre-kind. Not that Joe cares all that much about destiny and such. What he cares about is that his ex-girl Evie wants him to take the gig. What’s the risk? Another turn playing pigeon in a shooting gallery. What’s the reward? Maybe one shot of his own. What’s he aiming for? Nothing much. Just all the evil at the heart of his world. 
by Simon R. Green
Roc Hardcover (June 2, 2009)

From the publisher: Eddie Drood's evil-stomping skills have come to the attention of the legendary Alexander King, Independent Agent extraordinaire. The best of the best, King spent a lifetime working for anyone and everyone, doing anything and everything, for the right price. Now, he's on his deathbed and looking to bestow all of his priceless secrets to a successor, provided he or she wins a contest to solve the world's greatest mysteries. Eddie has to win, because King holds the most important secret of all to the Droods-the identity of the traitor in their midst...
The Best of H. P. Lovecraft: Blood Curdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre
by H. P. Lovecraft
Del Rey; reprint edition (May 12, 1987)
From the publisher: This is the collection that true fans of horror fiction have been waiting for: sixteen of H.P. Lovecraft's most horrifying visions, including Lovecraft's masterpiece, THE SHADOW OUT OF TIME--the shocking revelation of the mysterious forces that hold all mankind in their fearsome grip.
"I think it is beyond doubt that H.P. Lovecraft has yet to be surpassed as the Twentieth Century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale."
Stephen King

Lovecraft Unbound
Edited by Ellen Datlow
Dark Horse Comics (October 7, 2009)
From the publisher:  The stories are legendary, the characters unforgettable, the world horrible and disturbing. Howard Phillips Lovecraft may have been a writer for only a short time, but the creations he left behind after his death in 1935 have shaped modern horror more than any other author in the last two centuries: the shambling god Cthulhu, and the other deities of the Elder Things, the Outer Gods, and the Great Old Ones, and Herbert West, Reanimator, a doctor who unlocked the secrets of life and death at a terrible cost. In Lovecraft Unbound, more than twenty of today's most prominent writers of literature and dark fantasy tell stories set in or inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.
Vampire Hunter D: Twin-Shadowed Knight
by Yoshitaka Amano
Dark Horse Books  (December 23, 2009)
From the publisher:  When Vampire Hunter D entered the town of Sedoc it was in search of answers to the meaning of a dying vampire's last words: "Find Muma." But when he meets Mia, the daughter of the local fortuneteller, he learns the mists emanating from a smoking crater on the outskirts of Sedoc have reanimated thousands of corpses, compelling them to crawl from their graves and hurl themselves into the smoking chasm. When D goes to investigate, he finds himself split in two: a second Vampire Hunter D, full of passion and lust and hunger for the company of women, is born!


Kris said...

wow...those are some interesting looking books. The first almost sounds like a horror!?

Moonsanity said...

Oh my, those are some scary ass books. I need to read Lovecraft again. He's very creepy:)

Patricia Altner said...

Kris, I agree the title and the cover, and the blurb make Decay Inevitable seem rather horrifying. Looks interesting, but I think I could only read it with every light on in the house.

Moonsanity, Lovecraft is scary and creepy but I love his work!

Thank you both for writing!

Ash H. said...

I absolutely LOVE Vampire Hunter D! I own the 2 anime movies made a while back, and some of the novel adaptations. Good stuff!

Patricia Altner said...

It's good to hear from a fan of Vampire Hunter D. Certainly I know about the series, but have not read any of the books. I need to give one a try!