Aug 23, 2009

Upcoming Event & Contest with Elizabeth Leikness

On August 25 PVN welcomes Elizabeth Leikness author of the hilarious The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns (Bancroft Press June 15, 2009). There will be an interview and a contest for a copy of Lucy Burns.

From the publisher: Lucy Burns wants a normal life: friends, love, and a family of her own. And she could have it all if only she could break free from the job she hates.

That job? Facilitator to hell.

And her boss is a real devil.

At the age of eleven, to save her sister's life, Lucy writes a desperate letter to "To Whom It May Concern", but when He writes back, Lucy is bound for life. There are perks: sure she's ageless, she's beautiful, and she can eat as much chocolate as she wants and never get fat, but there are also consequences.

She can never see her family again.

She can never have a boyfriend.

She must spend her life leading sinners to their demise.

After nineteen years of doing the Devil s dirty work, Lucy wants out, but it all seems hopeless until Teddy Nightingale, her easy listening music idol, gives her the answer: a little-known loophole.

If she succeeds, Lucy gets love, happiness, and everything she ever really wanted. But the consequences? They're considerably worse than death. To make it through, Lucy must decide what is evil and what is good, what is right and what is wrong, and if, in the end, there's ever any way to truly know.

Smart, sassy, fun, and wickedly funny, "The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns" is a fast and stunning read perfect for any occasion. Elizabeth Leiknes's fresh writing and comic wit will stick with you long after you've put the book down.

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Keta Diablo said...

This book sounds hilarious. And I love the "blind" factor. Wouldn't it be curious to know if peeps thought we were beautiful on the inside where it really counts, and not just because we are handsome folks?

I'm off to check out your web site now. This sounds like a must read for me. Who couldn't use a little humor?

Great job, Patricia . . . course I'm biased. LOVE her blog and her great interviews.

Mucho success with the book!

My best, Keta Diablo

Patricia Altner said...


Thanks for the kudos