Oct 11, 2008

Underdead by Liz Jasper - Review

Underdead (Cerridwen Press, 2007) is a clever funny novel featuring Jo Gartner a science teacher of 8th graders who is bitten one night by a handsome blue-eyed vampire. Unfortunately he doesn't finish the job of bringing her over because Jo manages to fights him off. Then she suffers the consequences, big time. She develops a terrible allergy to the sun. No ray of the stuff must touch her fair skin or she breaks out in a awful rash. Jo acquires a penchant for raw meat and her beloved shrimp scampi would never pass her lips again! Naturally she has no idea that she was attacked by one of the undead. She thinks this guy, Will, was some stupid jerk trying to pick her up at a bar.

Enter Gavin a police detective who knows about the underworld of vampires, and has a heck of a time convincing Jo that they really do exist. Jo's a stubborn young woman (age 22), but after enough encounters with the undead even she cannot deny their existence. Because her transformation was interrupted she never actually became a vampire. She is instead underdead. The ramifications of this are one of the many difficulties in her life.

To complicate things even further the Machiavellian faculty intrigue at the private school where she teaches is enough to make anyone's head spin. Roger, the science department chief, has a special knack for stirring up problems. As for Jo's personal life let us not forget Will, the hunky vampire who still hasn't given up on enticing her to come over to his side.

No erotica or explicit sex to be found in this delightful paranormal mystery. There is however a hint of romance.

Read and excerpt here

The sequel Underdead In Denial is now available in e-format from Cerridwen Press. Read an excerpt here


Amberkatze said...

I just read the sequel and would have asked for this first part to read first if I had known about it!

Why I missed your review I will never know!

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi Amber

I really enjoyed this book!

Don't have a copy of Underdead in Denial. Your review was great!