Oct 22, 2008

Gail Martin - Upcoming Event

On Monday October 27 Patricia's Vampire Notes will be interviewing author Gail Martin as part of her Days of the Dead Halloween Blog Tour. It's a real pleasure to have Gail join us. She has graciously offered 2 prizes. Stop by on the 27th to see what they are and how to enter the contest.

Gail is the author of the multi-faceted medieval fantasy series The Chronicles of the Necromancer. Dark Haven book 3 in the series will be on shelves in early 2009.


Daelith said...

Love the cover art. Going to have to look into this series.

PatriciaAltner said...


He is gorgeous isn't he?

It's also an interesting series!

Daelith said...

Yeah there's just something about a man holding a sword or wearing chain mail. Yummmmmmmm!

PatriciaAltner said...


love the tongue-hanging-out sig

very fitting!