Oct 21, 2008

Review of Heather Graham's Deadly Night

Deadly Night by Heather Graham. Mira 2008.

This is the first novel of the prolific Heather Graham that I have read and it is book one in a trilogy about the Flynn Brothers. They have inherited an old plantation house in New Orleans from an aunt they did not even know existed. The oldest, Aiden, is a former FBI agent who left the agency after the death of his wife. His introduction to the Big Easy is an unnerving one. While walking along the muddy banks of the Mississippi he finds a human thigh bone with pieces of flesh clinging to it. He imagines the coroner will be interested in such a find, but not so. Aiden is remind in no uncertain terms that not long before, right after Katrina, bones and bodies could be found everywhere. His find means nothing. Or does it?

Until the death of Amelia Flynn, Kendall Montgomery had cared for the elderly lady who had spent her entire life at the plantation. This is where she wanted to die. Kendall was with her to the very end. The old house had it's legendary ghosts although Kendall thought such things nonsense. This despite the fact that she runs a small tea shop in town where she and her 2 employees Vinnie and Mason offer tarot card readings, claiming to clients that they can connect to the spirit world. It's all pretend on their part.

When the Flynn brothers arrive at the plantation house Kendall is making sure she has removed all of her possessions. As she was leaving through the doorway they meet. She finds Aiden to be rude, but the other two brothers, Jeremy and Zachery are quite pleasant company.

The brothers have formed their own private investigation agency. One case in particular dominates Aiden's thoughts, the disappearance of a young teen. He fears she is dead and perhaps the victim of a serial killer.

Kendall's skepticism about the paranormal starts to change. While giving a tarot card reading the skeleton on the Death card comes to life, or so it looks to her. She has dreams of Amilia who warns her of an evil that stalks New Orleans and Kendall is a particular target.

A series of frightening events bring Aiden and Kendall together; at first reluctantly and later much more agreeably. This suspenseful paranormal mystery has plenty of chilling moments and a nice touch of romance.

Book 2 Deadly Harvest will be available in November

Book 3 Deadly Gift will be available in December


SciFiGuy said...

These sound good! I have only read her vampire novel Kiss of Darkness but it was quite good.

ChristyJan said...

I purchased and read DEADLY NIGHT the first day it came out ~ LOVED it! Now I've already pre-ordered DEADLY HARVEST and DEADLY GIFT.

PatriciaAltner said...

How can this be?? A vampire book that I didn't know about of have??? This situation has been remedied. It is now officially on order! Thanks so much!

PatriciaAltner said...


pre-ordering is such a great idea and I never think of it. Back to Amazon.

Many thanks for your comment!