Oct 28, 2008

Bond of Darkness - Review

Bond of Darkness (Texas Vampires, Book 3)
by Diane Whiteside. Berkley Sensation, 2008.

I must say, right from the beginning, that I found the sex scenes between Steve (Stephanie) Reynolds and Ethan Templeton to be hotter than a scalding steam bath. A reading of certain passages will keep you burning on a cold night.

Steve is a tough gun toting Texas Ranger ready to go after whatever nasties are around. There is, however, another side to her. Steve has dreams of a nice little house with a white picket fence and little kiddies running around the yard. Here's the problem. She is madly in love with Ethan a hot, hunky, sexy guy who is also a vampire. That means no little house, or little kids, and absolutely no picket fence. In a moment of madness she breaks away from Ethan and marries Fred, much to her regret. The marriage didn't last, of course, and as soon as she is once again available Ethan let her know he is ready to take up where they had left off. So is she! Their get-togethers are to die for.

But Bond of Darkness is more than erotic fantasy. It is also a gritty tale of justice seen mainly through the eyes of Steve and Ethan. Steve hunts down dangerous drug dealers and then goes after a serial killer that makes the viciousness of the drug lords look like child's play. Ethan owes allegiance to Don Rafael, a 600 year-old, powerful vampire who rules Texas and Oklahoma. The Don is furious because of the horrific murders that have taken place in his territory. It will be up to Ethan and his men to hunt down the killer.

Steve and Ethan do love one another but Ethan's poor impulse control, even when in Steve's defense, causes a serious breech. Not to worry! This is a romance after all, and a darn good one.


SciFiGuy said...

Definitely the best of the three.

Anonymous said...

Your reviews are wonderful. Just might run out and get this book.

Vickie said...

Yum-meh!! Thanks for the cranium's up!!

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi scifiguy
This is the only one I've read. Glad I picked the best.

Thanks for kind words!

Hey Vicki
Yes, definitely cranium's up!