Oct 25, 2008

Scary Book Contest EXTRA!! REMINDER

The Scary Book Contest just got scarier. Thanks to a spooktacular Hachette Book Group giveaway offer five lucky winners will each win a box containing 10 books - all of the spooky, scary variety.

Spooktacular Hachette Book Group Giveaway. In each box you will find:

THE HERETIC'S DAUGHTER By Kathleen Kent $24.99, 0316024481
Also available as an audiobook

By Travis Thrasher $13.99, 0446505544

THE 13 BEST HORROR STORIES OF ALL TIME By Leslie Pockell $21.99, 9780446679503

THE MONSTERS: Mary Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein
By Dorothy Hoobler , Thomas Hoobler $14.99, 9780316066402

THE MYRTLES PLANTATION: The True Story of America's Most Haunted House
By Frances Kermeen $7.99, 9780446614153

GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS: True Stories of America's Haunted Inns and Hotels
By Frances Kermeen $7.99, 9780446611459

By Dan Simmons $14.99, 9780316017459
Also available as an audiobook

By Bram Stoker $10.99, 0316014818
Also available as an audiobook

WHEN GHOSTS SPEAK: Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits By Mary Ann Winkowski $24.99, 9780446581189

By Elizabeth Kostova $9.99, 9780316067942
Also available as an audiobook

There is this caveat from Hatchett: shipping is restricted to the US and Canada only and no PO Box addresses are accepted.

If you do not have a US or Canadian address or have a PO Box, please contact me at paltner@verizon.net

The drawing for the five book offered by yours truly do not have these restrictions. Those books are

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton

Child of the Night by Nancy Kilpatrick

Renfield: Slave of Dracula by Barbara Hambly

by Bram Stoker

Now with 10 prizes (5 from Hatchett and 5 from me) there's even more reason to let me know what is the scariest book you have ever read.

Leave your comments here.

Remember this contest will run until 11:59 pm on Oct 30. The 10 Winners will be announced on Halloween!

Best of luck to everyone!!


Tanya said...

Wow....thats an amazing giveaway..

My 2nd scariest read, would be from the short stories from I am Legend (not the story for I am Legend) but the shorts that come within that book..a few of them were quiet disturbing..ok two of them :)

PatriciaAltner said...


Isn't it wonderful I was so excited to add the books from Hachette Book Group to the Scariest Book Contest. Now there will be 10 winners!

Thanks for writing!

Crystal Adkins said...

OMG I LOVE IT!!! PLLLLEEEEASE PICK ME TO WIN! i CAN'T IMAGINE HAVING ALL OF THESE TO MYSELF LOL! The scariest book I've ever read was Snuff by Eric Enck it was soooo gruesome and bloody ICK!
Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway!

SciFiGuy said...

For long fiction it would have to be Stephen King's It and for short fiction Clive Barker's Books of Blood.

judybrittle said...

My scariest book was The Shining by Stephen King. Only because I was at the part with the lady coming out of the tub and someone outside knocked on my window at 3 am. That was creepy! I do love horror books. They are the best. Thank you so much!
judybrittle at aol dot com

.Books by TJ Baff said...

I would really like to enter this.
I think that my scariest book ever was Midnight is a lonely Place by Barbara Erskine. I couldn't read it if i was the only one awake in our house and when I reread it....it still scares me. LOL

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi Crystal
Just read a brief account of Snuff. No wonder it scared you! Sounds pretty horrific.
Thanks for writing!

Hi There, scifiguy - owner of a great site!
Several people have nominated It as number one scary book. I haven't read this book, but now feel a strong compulsion to do so.


PatriciaAltner said...


The Shining gave me nightmares, but as I read it I was totally sucked in. I was with that little boy the whole way even when he saw the lady in the tub which has got to be one of the scariest scenes ever written.
Thanks for commenting!

Hi Tj

Left a note for you at the main Scary Book Contest site! Good to hear from you.

PatriciaAltner said...

Note to Everyone

You can leave your comments here or at
which is the main Scary Book Contest site.

Whatever. I'll find you and make sure your name is entered in the contest!

Tempest Knight said...

Awesome list of books! :D

PatriciaAltner said...

tempest knight

Thanks, I'm a bit overwhelmed myself!

bison61 said...

the scariest book I have read is The Exorcist and I do not like the movie either!

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

PatriciaAltner said...


That book was definitely scary! I don't remember much about the movie except the head spinning.

Sara said...

Please enter me...The scariest book I ever read was Christopher Pike's Season of Passage...it was so creepy.

Sararush at hotmail dot com

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi Sara

I forgot about Season of Passage. It was scary! I found it very well written and I was hooked on every word.

Thanks for writing!

Carol said...

Stephen King's Pet Sematary is one of the scariest books I've ever read. I love animals, especially cats, and I can't imagine anything like that really happening!
Carol M
mittens0831 AT aol.com

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi Carol

You and others felt much the same about this book. The topic alone is creepy.

Thanks for your commnet!

Anonymous said...

I read a little bit of Stephen King's It, but it freaked me out to much to finish.

PatriciaAltner said...

Hi scooper

Lots of people say this is the scariest book they have ever read. At least you tried!

Thanks for writing.

Patricia said...

Another vote for Pet Sematary. The little boy that comes back from the grave is horrible. The Stand did not scare me, but it sure entertained mt, one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Scariest? Stephen King's NEEDFUL THINGS!
Thanks for including me in this contest. :)

PatriciaAltner said...

Hey anonymous

Please write back and leave your name so I can add you to list of contestants!!

Stephen King reigns. Haven't read Needful Things YET!


megalon22 said...

The scariest for me was "The Mist" by Stephen King! Thanks for sponsoring this great contest.

PatriciaAltner said...


King has been mentioned several times, but I think this is the first time for The Mist.

Happy to add it to the list

Thanks for commenting

xtraliciousssx said...

Wow, I would love to be entered in this contest. The scariest book that I've ever read was....Cell by Stephen King. ..At least I think it was called Cell. I read it a while ago :)


darbyscloset said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love it!!
Oh I do hope I am a winner...so many of those books I have been wanting to read!!! Oh and new authors to read!!! Yippeee!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

PatriciaAltner said...

King did write a book called Cell. Didn't read it myself, but others have called it scary!

I agree. There are some great titles here.