Sep 12, 2008

Vampire Thingies - Perfect for Halloween

While tooling around the Internet I came across I haven't dealt with this company or am advocating that you should or shouldn't buy from them. All I'm saying is they do have a very interesting inventory. Prices range from $5.00 to $2,000+.

Above is Dracool Zombaby

Product description: Adopt one of our little devils today. Zombabies will make any home feel like hell on earth. Dropped off at the Village of Despair Orphanage in Transylvania, their biological parents just couldn't take the heat. Of course they all have their problems, but we're sure it's nothing years of psychotherapy and an exorcism couldn't handle. Dracool is a baby with a taste for blood. He has a cool blue coif with a shocking white stripe, and little red wings. Made of foam filled latex. 20 inches tall.

Below is Life Size Undead Bride

Product description: Vacant eyes, matted hair, and a taste for blood. Our lifelike undead bride wears a ghastly white wedding gown, and is approximately 55 inches tall.

Unfortunately she is out of stock, but you never know when she'll be baaaaack!!!

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