Sep 24, 2008

Mindight Reign - Vampire Book Review

Midnight Reign by Chris Marie Green. Ace, 2008

Hollywood stuntwoman Dawn Morgan continues the search for her father Frank who went missing in Night Rising, the first book of Green's Vampire Babylon series. Along with her team, the psychic Kiko and the tech savvy Breisi, she has learned that within an area called Underground lie many of the secrets that may help her learn the whereabouts of Frank as well as solve the mysterious and vicious vampire-like murders of two young women. The Underground is the haven where the undead and their master Dr Eternity reside.

Unlike many recent urban fantasies with witty, fast-talking female narrators, this tale has a darker tone. Dawn is intelligent, serious minded, with deep psychological scars that continue to plague her. Chasing and fighting off the undead does not help her mood. Neither does her reasonable paranoia that certain people she encounters may still be human but also have links to the Underground. She, Kiko, and Breisi have committed themselves to the task of tracking down Dawn's father and destroying the Underground.. Leading them in this quest is The Voice, a man Dawn has yet to see, who feeds them information and guides them toward their mutual goal. He also has the mystical help of a group of beautiful spirits called Friends, who reside within portraits lining the walls of his mansion. Although the descriptive passages are not graphic Dawn's strong erotic feelings come to the fore when in the presence of the masculine tones of The Voice.

The novel's tone is dark, dramatic, and sensual. Green writes a complex story with well defined characters and more than enough paranormal mystery to keep readers enthralled from beginning to end.

Book three Break of Dawn is available as of Sept. 2, 2008.

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