Sep 1, 2008

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest

Jaz Parks Series by Jennifer Rardin

I've read several series in the paranormal fiction genre and the Jaz Parks series is one I have enjoyed since book 1 Once Bitten Twice Shy (Orbit, 2007). Book 5 One More Bite will be published in January, 2009

Currently available is
Bitten to Death (Jaz Parks #4)
Orbit, August, 2008
"Jaz Parks and her vampire boss, Vayl, have already fought demons, vampires, and reavers. Now, juggling work and family takes on a new dimension as she tackles her latest challenge: nail the Raptor before he can reduce her to Jaz-bits, survive a head-on crash with Vayl’s violent past, and lever her twin’s military career back on track before a dishonorable discharge ruins his life. To top it off, she must also contend with her father’s issues. Is he losing his mind? Or is someone really trying to kill him - from beyond the grave?"

Read an excerpt.

Read a review of Another One Bites the Dust - Book 2

The World Mystery Center

"In our world today exist many mysteries... some of which remain unsolved and others which can not be explained by modern day scientific theories. It is the goal of our center to utilize all known methods of research, both scientific and paranormal, to try and uncover the reasons and their importance which may lie behind some of these mysteries."

Areas of interest to the Center include Crystal Skulls; Crop Circles; UFO's; Bible Code, etc. To the right is a crop circle design

Check out The League of Reluctant Adults one of the more entertaining and informative paranormal blogs. A recent interview with writer Michelle Rowan, hmm or is it Maddox, provides provocative questions and answers. Apparently when she wrote Lady and the Vamp (Forever, 2008) it was under Rowan, but changed to Maddox for the sf romance Countdown (Love Spell, 2008).

Bite Me magazine looks quite tantalizing. Although published in the UK, Borders is supposed to carry it in the US. I haven't had a chance to check that out yet but I hope that's correct.

"If you like vampires, the supernatural and things that go bump in the night, Bite Me is the magazine for you. We've got interviews with real-life vampire hunters, features on famous film classics of the past, Hammer ScreamQueens, plus all the latest horror movies, books and video releases. Our team of roving investigators search out the world's spookiest corners and we report on special events like the World Dracula Congress. We'll even tell you if your neighbor is a werewolf!"


Ladytink_534 said...

I love Jaz Parks! I haven't read the latest one yet though :(

Patricia said...

I picked up my copy yesterday. Hope to get to it soon.

So many books. So little time.

Daelith said...

The series by Rardin sounds pretty good. Going to have to keep an eye out for those.

Patricia said...

The Jaz Parks books are fun to read. Jaz battles some very bizarre, very scary monsters. She and the handsome vampire Vayl always find a way out.