Sep 8, 2008

Internet Sites of Paranormal Interest September 7

Here is an excerpt of The Last Vampire by Patricia Rosemoor and Mark Paoletti. Del Rey, 2008


Cueva del Diablo, Texas, 1993

“Don’t do it, Leah. I’m warning you! Dad told us to wait up for him.”
Stopping, Leah Maguire glared at her big brother Gabe, her helmet’s lamp making his maturing face glow eerily pale against the enveloping dark. The only light in the cave came from their headlamps and flashlights and a single thin beam from the narrow fissure overhead. Right now, everything looked flat, colorless, including his green eyes so like her own. Behind him, the maw leading to the chamber they’d just passed through was still dark, void of movement.
“Dad should be back with another lantern by now.” She couldn’t believe he’d dropped his into a narrow crevasse where it had gotten stuck. “He said it would only take a minute to catch up to Mr. Anderson’s group and borrow one of theirs.”.....Read more


Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun Leaked on the Internet
Bestselling author Stephenie Meyer is scrapping plans to finish the final book in her Twilight series, Midnight Sun, after a partial draft was leaked on the Internet. Read a recent posting on her Web site

Sasha's Tarot Card a Day Blog

A few years ago I became fascintated with tarot cards, had several decks of differing designs, and read books on layouts and interpretations. I haven't done much with it for some time but still find the subject of interest. Recently I came across Sasha's blog. It's well written, even thought-provoking.

Here she introduces herself: "My name is Sasha and I am a professional tarot card reader. I love incorporating the beauty, mystery and magic of the Tarot into my own life and the lives of others. When you trust your own inner voice, follow your intuition, you’ll know more than what the best psychic could ever tell you."

It's well worth checking out.


Forever Knight, one of my all time favorite TV series, has sadly been off the air for several years. Nick Knight was a Toronto police detective who only worked at night because, you know, he was a vampire. A very tormented vampire with a conscience. He agonized over misdeeds spread over several hundred years. He thought of his vampiric self as a monster and desperately wanted to become human.

On a whim I went to YouTube hoping to find something that would satisfy my feelings of nostalgia. The following video helped. It was edited by Kristen Harris. She calls it
"My Own Trailer for the Forever Knight vampire tv series."

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