Sep 24, 2008

The Chosen Sin - Vampire Novel Review

The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast. Berkley Heat, Oct. 2008

Events in this novel take place in a far future when humans have colonized outer space and even moved on to another galaxy. Daria Moran, a human agent for the Allied Bureau of Investigation, has volunteered for a dangerous assignment. Her partner is Alejandro Martinez one of the Chosen, a vampire. He and Daria are to enter the compound of the notorious vampire Christopher Sante, who seven years earlier had passed for human, became Daria's lover, and betrayed her. Now she wants nothing more than to go after him and make him pay. Not only did he hurt her so deeply that she's never been able to trust another man, but even worse Sante was responsible for the death of her closest friend Julia.

The handsome Alejandro has long been attracted to Daria. Now she needs him since the only way to enter Sante's sequestered area is to become one of the Chosen. It is Alejandro who will bestow the dark kiss that will take her into the vampire world, and he will work with her to bring about Sante's downfall.

The sexual tension between Daria and Alejandro is intense and hot! (note the name of the publisher imprint.) When these two get together the sparks really fly even though Daria fights her passionate desire for him. The plot also has plenty of adventure so there is nary a dull moment.

My main quibble with this story is the "futuristic", science fiction aspect which makes little sense. Neither is it necessary. There is nothing abut the far future and outer space that is pertinent to the story. Perhaps as a science fiction reader I am more bothered by this than some would be. Other readers may not care, and for them Anya Bast's erotic romance would make a good choice.


Daelith said...

OMG, I'd buy that book for the cover alone! *fans self* It's too early in the morning for hot flashes.

Patricia said...


I hear you! If you read the book you'll want to keep that fan nearby!