Sep 4, 2008

Vampire Book Review - The Bride of Casa Dracula

The Bride of Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta. (Pocket, September 16, 2008)

Milagro De Los Santos became involved with the vampire community when, in Book 1 (Happy Hour at Casa Dracula), she and Oswald Grant accidently exchanged blood. Afterwards she had acquired certain vampire characteristics - rapid healing, increased strength, rapid movement. In Midnight Brunch the virile, charming Ian Ducharmee gave her an infusion of his own blood in order to save her life after a brutal attack. Now Milagro's strength and speed have increased to such an extent that she tries to hide it from the other vampires. Still her differences from them are noticeable enough that the Council reminds her that although she has gained some of their abilities she is still different. She does not share the same DNA nor the same vulnerabilities.

Milagro and Oswald are planning for their upcoming wedding. Being a successful plastic surgeon Oswald has a hefty income which he expects Milagro to spend, spend, and spend at the fanciest stores around. Ready to help her with the details is Nancy, Milagro's rich, air-head acting, fashionista, best bud. In fact Nancy insists she is the best qualified for the job and eventually browbeats Milagro into giving it to her. Nancy was evident in Midnight Brunch, (Book 2) but in the current story we get to know her more intimately. She has an offbeat look at the world, similar to Mil's, except her words have a distinctly upper-crust tone. Her commentary is biting, funny, and right on target.

Because Oswald wants everything to go well with the Vampire Council, Milagro reluctantly agrees to their demands - no physical relations with her fiancee until the wedding and participation in a secret wedding ritual. For the latter their must be a special coordiator. Milagro is shocked when that turns out to be the sexy, Eurotrahy Cornelia Ducharme. Not only is she a magnet for every man within sight, she is also the sister of Ian, a hunk whose lust and perhaps love for Milagro knows no bounds. Oswald hates him.

So much more goes on in Milagro's wacko world peopled with weirdly wonderful characters including wild man biker Pepper, Joseph Arnold owner of the local nursery as well as a gorgeous bod; and the nutty professor Don Pedro who claims he has shared mind altering experiences with shamans around the world. This book is another hilarious addition to the Casa Dracula series!

Read chapter one.

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