Apr 3, 2011

Awakened - Vampire Book Review

Awakened (House of Night)
by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
St. Martin's Griffin; First Edition (January 4, 2011)

Book 8 in the House of Night series.

Although I have been aware of this series for some time Awakened is the first I have read. Even with the many characters and significant plot twists I could follow the story well enough to have a basic understanding of what was happening, and I was intrigued by other threads only hinted at. Since this is book eight I will keep in mind those who follow the series and try not to give away any spoilers.

Main character Zoe Redbird has returned from the Otherworld with her warrior guardian Zach. Both were badly hurt in a fracas that almost cost Zoey her life. Now both of them are recovering on the Eden-like Isle of Skye, home to the powerful Queen Sgiach who hopes that Zoey will want to remain. Sgiach promises to teach her the powerful uses of old magic and protect her from the Darkness that stalks the outside world most notably in the form of the ruthless, power hungry Neferet. Eventually Zoey decides to return to her vampyre friends at the House of Night in Tulsa. Only there can she, as High Priestess, lead the fight against Neferet and her unwilling ally the immortal warrior Kalona.

Please note the hunk on the cover. That is Kalona's son Rephaim. He is part human and considers himself a monster no doubt due to the fact that he has a conscience something lacking in his father. Rephaim also has a strong love for Zoey's close friend Stevie Ray who returns the feeling.

Awakened is a highly entertaining Young Adult story with believable characters and plenty of action. It's probably best to begin with book one Marked and read each in turn as if they were one grand romantic adventure.

[This book was sent to me by the publisher. Thank you]


Amber said...

This is one of my favorite book series' ever! I'm 34 years old and still love the teenage angst :)


Patricia Altner said...

Hi Amber,

This series is definitely for teens of all ages. I truly enjoyed Awakened and I am 34++ :)