Mar 31, 2011

Daniele Lanzarotta - Guest Blog and Contest

Please welcome Daniele Lanzarotta author of the YA vampire series Imprinted Souls (also the title of the first book). Daniele writes of a young girl's loss and love. Here is a brief description:

"Entrapped in her grief and sorrow, Lexi roams through life with no purpose. She has not been the same ever since an accident took away her high school boyfriend and soul mate. For a while, Lexi could still feel Matt with her and the dreams reassured her that they were still connected, but with time, the dreams started to fade and the pain of his absence deepened. She was convinced that he was gone, and with him, so was part of her soul, the part of her soul that had been imprinted by Matt.

"It would take a different type of imprint to bring Lexi back to life, but that imprint would come with a price. The dangers of being with a vampire who still has strong ties to his human life, and the possibility of losing what is left of her connection with her one and true soul mate, Matt; a hidden connection that still lives within the shadows of what is left of her soul."

Today Daniele discuss the allure of the handsome guy with the dark kiss.

The Year When Prince Charming Grew… Fangs?!

It wasn’t long ago when a girl’s dream guy (or at least dream fictional guy) was the average guy, funny, friendly, sometimes tanned, and who liked to take her out for dinner.  Then, that whole perception got turned around, and well… prince charming grew fangs, became pale, wouldn’t go out during the day (in most cases), and had YOU as a dinner.

Weird… right?

But let’s face it… Who wouldn’t want a hottie vamp around?

In Imprinted Souls, Tyler was the prince charming I had in mind.  Hot, understanding, and protective (not in a creepy way).  He entered Lexi’s life and was the only one able to pull her out of the state of depression from losing her soulmate. Throughout the series, Tyler goes through a lot to protect Lexi.  He endures a great deal of pain, including having to deal with his role as a minion, and the limits such role puts on his ability of making his own choices.

But even this version of a perfect guy was challenged when the not so bad, bad guy (I call him my bipolar vamp), showed up.  Nicholas is what every girl should run away from.  He is a player and has been called ‘mouthy’ by some, but there is something about his sarcastic sense of humor and his confidence that makes every girl love him or at least, love to hate him.

Whatever your version of prince charming may be… I hope you find him in the Imprinted Souls Series.

-      Daniele Lanzarotta –


* Daniele is offering an ebook copy of Divine Ashes (Book three) on Kindle or Nook format, along with a signed bookmark to one lucky reader. (winner can request book one or two instead)

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* Contest ends April 14, 2011 at 11:59pm EST

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Imprinted Souls (Book one) read a preview

Bloodlust (Book two) read a preview

Divine Ashes (Book three) read a preview


ShadowLover said...

Wee, I like the discriptions of your books, Daniele! I haven't read anything from you yet, but Imprinted Souls is definately on my wishlist now :)
And thanks for the chance to win ;)

SandyG265 said...

I haven't read any of your books yet but they sound interesting. Thanks for the chance to win.

sgiden at

Katy said...

I loved your interview! lol just the way you said, Prince Charming grew It was just kind of hilarious. I am so excited for the chance to win one of your books! If I was so lucky I would love to start at book 1!

hense1kk AT cmich DOT edu

Julie S said...

This series sounds really interesting. If I win, I would like book 1 to get it started.


Tore said...

I have never read any of your books but I love to. They sound very good. Thanks for the chance to win. Please enter me in contest.

Daniele Lanzarotta said...

Thanks everyone!

If you would like to stop by my website (, there is a two chapter sneak preview of Imprinted Souls (of course, if you have Kindle or Nook, you can download their sample, which is a little

Also, there is one price charming featured in the Divine Ashes book trailer :)

Danielle Gorman said...

How have I not heard of these books? They look so good. I am definitely going to be putting these on the wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Patty said...

I am so happy to discover you through this blog...I just kindled the first book...cannot wait to read it...

Daniele Lanzarotta said...

Thank you! :) I hope you guys enjoy reading Imprinted Souls, Bloodlust, and Divine Ashes, as much as I enjoyed writing them. :D

Anonymous said...

So True! And So cannot wait for the next instalment!

Meg, Caitlin and Laurie T said...

Thank you Patricia for hosting Ms. Lanzarotta! I have not heard of these titles before and now I'm glad. All three sound great. Have to add them to my wish list. Thanks:)