Mar 12, 2011

Margie Church - Guest Post & Contest

Many thanks to author Margie Church who has dropped by to discuss the vampires of her Love Bites series. She is also offering an ebook copy of book 1 of Love Bites. See contest details at the end of the post.

It's all yours, Margie!

Patricia, thank you for inviting me to your cool blog. I appreciate the chance to talk about my Love Bites series with your friends.
In these books, vampires live peacefully among humans as ordinary people. They don't make a practice of turning humans into vampires. Falling in love with a human is forbidden and likely to end in extermination of the vampire.
These characters play pivotal roles in Love Bites and Love Bites II: Dangerous Love.
Jui Fabrice: An independent, confident business woman. She fell for Wade the moment she laid eyes on him and has no idea Wade is a vampire. She can't shake him from her memories or life. The fact he's telepathic and teleports himself around the world to get to her could be a reason she's having these troubles. Ya think? The more he pushes her away, the more she digs into his life, and tries to understand why he won't return her love the way she wants him to. The consequences for her love are unfathomable. Once she learns what Wade really is, the decision to love or leave him isn't as easy as you might think.
Wade Kairos: Has only been a vampire for 70 years and was turned by his friend and mentor, Christophe, after a car wreck. Friend and mentor sounds crazy, but Christophe cared enough about Wade to make his transition to vampirism as easy as possible. Having said that, understand that vampires don't forget what it was like to be human. Wade was in love and engaged to be married when he was turned. He was tormented by those emotions until his fiancée died years later. Wade meets Jui Fabrice and battles mightily to ignore the resurgence of his human emotions. Her allure is too much and once his heart is snared, he faces the wrath of Ladislav Husek.
Ladislav Husek: The Ancient One and leader of the vampire nation. The poster boy for vampire sociopaths. At first, Ladislav appears to have a benign job of keeping track of the vampires lives and deaths and help ensure their secret society stays that way. We learn he has an uncontrollable hatred for vampires who fall in love, and viscously exterminates any he sees headed that way. Wade is a blinking beacon on Ladislav's radar. He also has an all-consuming jealousy for Victoria, a human he loved. Her virgin blood was too compelling, and he lost his self-control, and turned her. Hundreds of years later, he still thinks she might get over his bad. Ladislav's "business partner" is Dirk.
Dirk: The Master Prophet and a shape shifter. Dirk leads a society of afterworld creatures created when vampire feedings go wrong and the human accidentally dies. They have no status in the afterworld and therefore exist in a social limbo. The Prophets are the equivalent to the mafia. They enjoy creating mayhem and pain for humans and rogue vampires. Dirk has a business and personal alliance with Ladislav. He's also a Dom and the only one who understands Ladislav's real needs.
Victoria: Turned by Ladislav, she keeps continents between them to control her rage. Her hatred for him is palpable and she's deeply vindictive. She befriended Wade after he was turned, and they spent years together in their hedonistic, vampire lifestyle. Tori hates the idea that Jui has stolen her playmate and that Wade has something she never has – love. She does her level best to manipulate Jui and punish Wade.
This cast of characters helps to create rich subplots that will entertain and intrigue you. Expect dark twists and many surprises about who people really are and what lengths they'll go to get what they want.
About the books:
Love Bites Blurb
An accidental encounter turns into high stakes love when Jui Fabrice meets Wade Kairos in Germany. She has no idea he’s a vampire and Wade has every intention of keeping his secret.
A vineyard cottage is the perfect place for Jui and Wade to make love until he discovers her unique link to his living years. He vows to stay away from her forever, but he can’t let her go completely. Wade’s repressed human feelings continue rising. He invades Jui’s dreams and communicates telepathically with her at will. Evil jealousy consumes him when Jui becomes involved with Rob Hawthorne and she rebukes Wade for his controlling behaviors. Then Wade’s lifelong companion dies in a vamp war and his desolation is too much to handle alone. He turns to the only person who cares about him—Jui— and during one hot night, he becomes the man she wants.
The Ancient One, Ladislav Husek, learns of Wade’s risky human behavior and gives Wade a taste of how viciously he’ll die if he doesn’t bury his tracks with Jui. Husek promises to turn Jui into his personal playmate and Wade has to choose. Can love prevail over evil in a relationship that never was supposed to happen?
Love Bites II: Dangerous Love
Wade Kairos faces deadly consequences for defying the leader of the vampire nation. Ladislav Husek partners with Master Prophet Dirk, to prove Wade can run but he can't hide. And neither can Jui Fabrice, the woman Wade loves. Every bit of his ingenuity is needed to protect her from being turned into a vampire or a prophet.
If that's not enough trouble for him, another vampire from Wade's past comes forward and makes it abundantly clear that what used to be hers is still up for grabs.
Someone will pay with their life in Dangerous Love.
I invite you to start with Love Bites and then read Dangerous Love. The third book, Redemptive Love, is planned for later this year.

About Margie Church
I write contemporary erotic romance, suspense, paranormal, and m/m genres. By day, I write advertising literature, communications plans, and direct social media. I also write children's books under my pen name, Margaret Rose. I'm a Facebook addict and I don't want treatment! What else? Married almost three decades to the only man on earth who could put up with me that long and still love me.  We met in high school biology, love at first sight, and married after I graduated from college.  We have two teen sons who delight and annoy me at the most surprising moments. Yeah, I know you're doing the math on those kids…we practiced a long time and we got it right. Trust me.

I recently finished a m/m romance. My works in progress (WIP) are a ghost story and an erotic romance. After that comes a Young Adult (YA) piece.

You can reach me at

To lure you into this fantastic series, I'm giving away a copy of Love Bites plus autographed cover flats of both books .

Describe what type of vampire novels you enjoy most.

*Be sure to include contact information with your comment

*Must be 18 to ender the contest.

*Contest is international

*Contest ends March 26, 2011


SiNn said...

cani say I heart Margie her covers andbooks are to die for cant wait to read these next

they sound awesome!

debbie said...

I have to say I like most vampire novels. I really like the ones where the vampires are mostly bad, except for a select few.

mahominamino said...

I like to read all sorts of vampire novels! The type I like are those which includes other magical beings like angels (ooh, nice body!) or clueless miss nobody suddenly turned and discover that she can take over the world!(like Fran Fine)


Margie Church said...

Hi SiNn! Nice to see you following me. I know you've been a past winner in my contests, I appreciate your support! You rock.

Margie Church said...

Debbie, Dangerous Love has one good vamp in it, and that's Wade...but I will also say that he's not really nice. He has a temper. How he handles his anger, I think, is interesting. Have you ever read about a vamp getting into a wrestling match with a wild boar? You need to read Love Bites.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you'll become a fan.

Margie Church said...

Mahominamino, -cool name and avi, BTW, I have shape shifters in both books - more in Dangerous Love, but no magical creatures. These are really strong characters with oftentimes dark forces driving them. Sexy and passionate yes, but not cuddly. Still interested? I hope so.

Diana said...

Books sound amazing!!! Thanks for the giveaway.
artgiote at gmail dot com

Margie Church said...

Thanks Diana. There are some great reviews and excerpts on my website:

Please stop by!

Tore said...

I love most vampire books but I like having good and bad vampires in the book along with some romance between a good vampire and human. Please enter me in contest.

Margie Church said...

Tore, consider yourself entered, especially since your name is the nickname of the wicked vampiress in the second book. There's plenty of romance in these books. You won't be disappointed.

Pommawolf said...

I love your covers. The detail in the images and the sensual magic are so catching *S* All vampire stories are grab my attention and I can't resist them.
I love the vampire stories that have been interwoven with other type of magical creatures. Love them when they have shifters especially werewolves. *S*
Thanks for the great blog read Margie!

pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

Margie Church said...

Ah, Pommawolf, I'm in your sights. I like that. These books are very powerful, very engaging. Every page. You'll enjoy them.

Pommawolf said...


Yes, I'm playing catchup. I finally getting used to twitter, and caught up on facebook. *S*
Do you get to design your own covers? It always amazes me the wonderful creations in the imagery.


pommawolf @ hotmail dot come

Margie Church said...

Pommawolf, the publishers have cover artists. We provide input about characters and story settings, anything that might help the artist portray the book best. We also get to say what we don't like or want. I'm pretty specific sometimes. Since This is a series, I believe there should be common elements - but enough differentiation for people to know it's not a re-release. Good question.

Pommawolf said...

Another quick question..*S*
Now do the designers actually read a bit of your manuscript to grasp the idea of what the story is about, or do they design based on the description of the book?
I get to work with the designer?


Margie Church said...

Pommawolf - sorry for the delayed response. I had a drumline show to go to tonight. Do the designers read the MS? I doubt it. We get a form from our publishers to detail all kinds of information. If the artist has specific questions or concerns they've come to me to ask for more information. They do read the blurb. I imagine if wanted to read more they sure could, but I doubt they'd have the time and it really shouldn't be necessary.

Danielle Gorman said...

I pretty much like anytype of vampire stories. I think my favorite is when the vampires live in secret world that humans don't know about. I just find it interesting to see how the author is able to create this world.

Margie Church said...

Danielle, it is quite a challenge sometimes to create alternate universes for these kinds of creatures and all their supernatural powers. But that's half the fun. The other half is finding out whether the readers love what you imagined. Thanks for coming by!

Marguerite Lafayette said...

I love vampire stories that use a lot of dark humor and ones where the fact that they are vampires is secondary to the plot.


Anonymous said...

I love all kinds of vampire novels... mystery/fantasy books are fast becoming my new favorite type of books to read... your books look and sound great...I can't wait to read them..

P. Kirby said...

I like my vampires free of the "Woes is me, I'm a beautiful immortal, I hate myself" angst. Not a fan of Schmopey McFangs.

Cindy said...

What kind of vampire novels do I like?
I like books with solid plots, erotic componets and hot, sexy men.
You know, the kind of books that you don't want to read if you have to go to sleep!
I think all of yours covers that!
I have read dark books, but am not overly fond of them.
I prefer plots that end on a winning note--good evil wins over evil evil.

Margie Church said...

Marguerite, I love the way you pimp my books. I should hire you as a publicist. Thank you so much.

Margie Church said...

Calitigerlily - Thanks for coming by. I hope you'll take a look at Love Bites and Dangerous Love before you leave the vampire sub-genre.

Margie Church said...

P. Kirby, you'll find none of those kinds of traits in my vampire books. Jui is a strong-willed woman who wants a man to love her...and she has no idea Wade is a vampire. And once she finds out, believe me, she doesn't breathe a sigh of relief.

Good to meet you. I'm sure you'd enjoy these books.

Margie Church said...

Cindy! You made it. Thanks for the extra effort. Romances have to have a HEA or at least an HEA -for now ending...these books have that. Lots of great character depth and rich subplots. I'm sure you'd enjoy them.


Denise Vega said...

I love sexy Vampire stories where boy meets girl type of story where against all odds they fall in love anyway (Denise Vega )

Margie Church said...

Hi Denise! You're a fan of star-crossed lovers. Definitely Jui and Wade of that ilk...but he's no boy and she's no girl. He's powerful and confident. She's seductive and strong.

Good luck!

Amy C. said...

When I was reading about your Vampire novel Dangerous love it made me think of the "Twilight" books. I don't read very many books, but I couldn't put the whole "Twilight" series down. I will have to read "Dangerous Love", It sounds like one I won't be able to put down.

Margie Church said...

Hi Amy, I hope you decide to read the books, but I recommend starting with Love Bites so you get all the back story. Let me know what you think.

booklover0226 said...

I really don't have a favorite type of vampire novel. I enjoy the ones where the good vampires fight against the bad vampires and win (and get the girl or guy!)

I enjoy the ones with the bad vampire's POV; he's causing chaos and mayhem.

I also like vampire mysteries.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Margie Church said...

Hi Tracy. I sounds like you don't like predictable books! Me neither! You'll definitely enjoy these 2. I had a military bomb expert help me with a scene in Love Bites, as well as a doctor when Jui needs some help. There's definitely a lot of dark drama between the vampires and shape shifters in Dangerous Love.

Mindy said...

Hi Margie :)
LOVE you blurbs!
My favorite vampire stories have a bit(e) of humor in them, Lyndsay Sands "Argeneau Vampires" are one of my favorites as are yours.

Mindy :)

Margie Church said...

Hi Mindy! There's some really funny stuff between Wade and Christophe. They have a very dry sense of humor and like to rib each other. Thanks for coming by! Nice to meet you.

Pam S (pams00) said...

These sound great!

I've always loved vampires and really enjoy a variety of types and storylines lol. From True Blood to Blade scenarios/types.

pams00 @