Apr 18, 2011

The President's Vampire - Book Review

The President's Vampire
by Christopher Farnsworth
Putnam, April 28, 2011

The President's Vampire is the second adventure of Nathaniel Cade, a truly dangerous guy. He is utterly ruthless, single minded, and will not stop until the job is finished. He's like the Terminator but with a touch of humanity and a bit of conscience. Sometimes I picture him as a kinder, gentler American Psycho.

Cade is a vampire, a secret weapon in the arsenal of the president of the United States in the war against monsters from the Other Side. From these monsters come the ever present danger to the eminent destruction of humanity. The time is the twenty-first century. The current peril comes from reptilians - savage beasts cooked up in the laboratory of a super secret agency. The bite of one creature turns a human into a mindless, killing nightmare. Fortunately Cade's inhuman strength and cunning can destroy these monsters but when he faces an entire army he may need help from friends like his human handler/pal Zach and Cade's vampire girlfriend Tania.

There are plenty of chills and thrills as Cade and his friends attempt to outwit and outmaneuver the calculating mind behind this currant diabolical plan. The plot is so intricate that sometimes it's hard to tell who the good guys are - except for Zach and Cade of course, Tania has her own agenda. Readers who enjoy adventure with a compelling cast of characters will enjoy this clever, witty sequel to Blood Oath.

[A version of this review appeared in Library Journal which sent me the book for review. Thank you!!]

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Vickie said...

It's on the WWBL, but I am not sure I realized there was a first in series....will get BLOOD OATH first. Thanks for confirming my decision to add another series to the list.

Patricia Altner said...

I found both books to be lots of fun. Great humor and swell characters. Hope you enjoy them as well.

Always good to hear from you!