Apr 7, 2011

Faith V Smith - Guest Blog and Contest

A visit from author Faith V Smith is always a treat. She has a tremendous amount of energy and a great sense of fun. I also like the fact that she says such nice things about me and PVN. ;)

Please welcome Faith who shares info on her latest works plus a PDF copy of Gideon's Heart to one lucky reader. [see contest details at end of post]

It's all yours, Faith!

Bloodied Swords, Highlands, and Archangels!

Hi Patricia, it is so good to be back here!  I love the blog and you!  I have been so busy since last time I was here. Two books have been released, both in the month of February, and I have two more coming out this year.  I’d like to take a moment to talk about the first book in my new series “Immortal Executioners.” As you can see from the heading, the plot deals with a lot of paranormal elements. Any time you have an immortal highlander acting under the orders of an archangel, things can and do get dicey when he fights demons.

Immortal Justice” is very close to my heart. It deals with God, Heaven, Hell, and demons. Please don’t think it’s all fighting, it’s not, there is romance galore, and the main characters are some of the strongest I’ve ever been blessed to write.

Over a millennium ago, Highlander Darach MacRath was murdered. Resurrected by the Archangel Michael to fight demons as an Immortal Executioner, Darach now opposes all evil in the mortal world. His life is solitary—but when he rescues a young woman who not only sees demons but battles them herself, he is captivated by her courage and beauty. Abigail Dupree is not looking for love. But when a tall, dark demon fighter with a sexy brogue intervenes in her hunt, she’s fascinated. She should run away—but then his gentle yet sizzling touch ensnares her heart. When a demon from Darach’s past sets his sights on Abby, Darach will do anything to protect her—but for Abby, losing him would be worse than death. Together they must fight the demons of past and present, and the possibility that evil could destroy them both, before they find the gift of love.

You can see neither Darach or Abby are faint of heart.  The story of Darach’s death is very violent, and I have been told by a few in the industry it probably would be best to change the dream sequence. I didn’t do it and sold the book anyway. Glad my editor, Sarah Hansen, at The Wild Rose Press is not squeamish!  I like to write true to life, and when you deal with evil it is never pretty.

This book will be out the end of June!

I also have another paranormal due out in May from Siren BookStrand but I don’t have a cover yet or an approved blurb. I’m hoping my fans will welcome it into their hearts as they have my other books.

In February “Semper Fi Magick” as well as “Gideon's Heart” were released from The Wild Rose Press. “Semper Fi Magick” has a bit of everything in it. Time-travel, terrorist threats, and a faery princess, Catriona from “Viking, Go Home” as well as a hot and sexy Marine.

After a failed mission, Special Ops Marine Derek Harrison wants peace and quiet as he recuperates at his cousin’s home. What he gets is a sex-on-heels woman with a snooty attitude. Not only does she remind him of his ex-fiancée, but she claims she’s a faery princess of the Seelie Court. Now she’s not only getting under his skin, she’s getting into his head and delving into his nightmares. Maybe there is more to Catriona than he first realized.

Catriona is restricted to her palace for interfering in human affairs, but that doesn’t stop her from sneaking away to visit her mortal friends. Her fun ends—and passion ignites--when she finds herself involved with a sexy mortal male who treats her like a woman instead of a pampered faery princess.

But when magick and terrorism collide, Derek is injured. Catriona spirits the man she loves to her Faery home, but can her magick save him?

Gideon's Heart” is the third in my “Bound By Blood, The Legends” series.  This book is the story of the mortal detective who is a Savannah PD detective. He founds out love can come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention fangs.

Every night detective Gideon Hawks walks a dangerous beat through the streets of Savannah, but when he meets Katheryne Alastair, he discovers a new threat...this one to his heart. Her delicate, sensual features and old-fashioned clothing lead him to believe she is homeless. Against his better judgment, he takes her home.
Katheryne, a vampire ready to end her existence, lies in wait for the approaching sunrise. But when the handsome detective attempts to help her, she finally finds peace within her heart. The heat of his touch triggers a blood lust she’s kept dormant for centuries. Is it possible Gideon is her soul mate? When Gideon is mortally wounded, Katheryne cannot let him die. If she turns him, will he forgive her, or worse, walk away? Or will the eternal love she holds for him end the suffering of her centuries-old vampiric curse?

You can find all my books at The Wild Rose Press website as well as Amazon.com!

I am presently at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, and wish that all my readers as well as you, Patricia, could be here with me.

I am looking forward to getting back in my writer’s chair and penning the sequel to Immoral Justice, as well as the fourth vampire book, “Hawk’s Salvation” and another time-travel.

I’m always happy to hear from readers, so don’t be shy.  Visit my website www.faithvsmith.com and my blog www.faithvsmith.blogspot.com.

Live the romance and cherish the love of all you care about.



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Tanya1224 said...

Thanks for sharing and introducing me to a new author. They have all the mythical beings I enjoy reading about. I look forward to trying them out. Count me in for the contest please. Thanks!

SandyG265 said...

This sounds like an interesting story. I like the mix of different paranormal elements.

sgiden at verizon.net

Tore said...

Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Tore923@aol.com

Anonymous said...

All your books sound so interesting. Hope I'm a winner.

Trudy AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

Gideon is a handsome dude. I want to read his story. Please count me in for this contest.


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Tanya! So sorry I am late getting to this. I was at RT! Glad I am a new author to you. That is good! I hope you my work.


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Sandy! Again my apologies for not being by sooner! I had fun writing all the books that were mentioned!


Faith V. Smith said...

Hi Tore! Yes, I will think everyone is entered! Yeah!


Faith V. Smith said...

Thank you so much Anonymous!


Faith V. Smith said...

Gideon is most handsome! He is also a personal friend of mine! Evan Scott the cover model is all Gideon and more!


Carmen said...

Immortal Justice looks like a really interesting book. I'll want to read it when it comes out.

Faith V. Smith said...

Thanks Carmen! Immortal Justice is a book that almost wrote itself. I love the mixture of characters and the plot.