Jun 27, 2010

This Week on PVN June 27, 2010

The contest sponsored by Master Vampire Esteban has ended.

* The rules: Create a persona and ask the question as if they were a vampire, werewolf or other supernatural creature living in Esteban's territory.

*Ask Lyla or Esteban for advice.

*The person with the most original question will have a story made about them.
                            The winner is Hunter Thompson!  Congratulations!

Below is the winning entry:

Hunter: I am a shapeshifter/vampire hybrid. I was created to be able to infiltrate both the were and vampire communities. I am a supernatural but not naturally created.

How do I choose which part of my heritage I should belong with? The shifters do not trust a vampire and of course the vampire really do not trust shifters. I have broken free of my creators and have been on my own for two years now. However, I feel the need to belong and don't know which group might best accept me or which group I should strive to emulate.

Can you help me?

Esteban: My Dear Hunter

Ah... my Mighty Misfit! No problemo. Created by the hand of evil? No doubt. Most preternatural creatures have been created that same way. Created by our masters, our biters or our curses. Your nature may have been produced in a test tube, but your creators were no less monstrous.
I understand. I have been gathering hybrids, mutations and other oddities for centuries. You are welcome to join us. However, it sounds to me like you are searching for something more than a place to live. You are trying to make yourself fit into one of two camps -- Team Were or Team Vamp.

Ask yourself this: What good has come from trying to fit in? Is it not like bashing your head against an artificially made wall?

My suggestion: kill them all. It will make you feel better.

After that, take ownership of your misfit nature. You are faster than the shapeshifters. You are stronger than the vamps. Find pleasure in it. Most of all, find others who are misfits. Rise up together like a misfit army.
... and don't forget to get your vampwere groove on! Perhaps create an evil race of vampwere babies?
I hope my suggestions helped you. I am off.

It is time for my bubble bath.

Adrian Phoenix

There is still time to enter the contes for a signed copy of Adrian Phoenix's Black Dust MamboBlack Dust Mambo  along with a mojo bag and bottle of attraction oil.

Contest is international and ends June 29.

Alayna Williams

Alayna is offering two lucky readers a signed copy of Dark Oracle

Fun contest rules:

*Ask Alayna a question - whatever is on your mind. She will do a quick one card tarot draw to answer. [This is for fun and entertainment only]

Each person asking a question gets a chance towards a signed copy of Dark Oracle. [Only one question per person.]

This contest is international and ends July 5.

Also expect reviews of new books this week

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