Jun 10, 2010

Blood Song - A Vampire Book Review

Blood Song
by Cat Adams
Tor, June 2010.

From the popular urban fantasy duo C T Adams and Cathy Clamp comes the start of a new series under the pseudonym of Cat Adams.

In Blood Song heroine Celia Graves works as a bodyguard protecting the rich and famous from the press, overzealous fans and the occasional monster, like a vampire. Celia's most recent assignment is to protect the prince of Rusland. Unfortunately what should have been a routine job goes horribly wrong. Outside a nightclub the prince and his retinue suffer a vicious vampire ambush. The prince disappears and Celia wakes up days later only to discover she is no longer human. She has been bitten by a master vampire who mysteriously did not kill her nor completely turn her.

Celia has become that rare hybrid known as an abomination. Her problems are only beginning. Celia is a brilliant character with plenty of hurt and sorrow in her life but also with a strong spirit. Her tenacity saves the day more than once. One more thing in her favor - she is not gorgeous. In fact there are times when her partial transformation makes her look hideous; yet, she attracts guys. There's a reason for that, but you'll have to read the book to find out what it is. Blood Song is a treat for urban fantasy fans who like smart, feisty heroines and complex, fast paced stories.

[A version of this review appeared in Library Journal]
Reviewed by Patricia Altner

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